Nyanpire 08

Nyanpire 08

Masumunya's sexy yukata

Watermelon jealousy!

Nyanpire WANTS RED






We sit through more plots of Masumunya trying to get Nyanpire to return his affection. The setting is a fun festival where all the little kitties get dressed up in their adorable yukata's. Masumunya thought it would be a great idea if Nyanpire wore the same pattern as his. Unfortunately he is very jealous of Chachamaru's watermelon pattern because of course it has red on it.

I spy an issue!

*drools* CANDY APPLE

Knew it...






 Still flustered to win Nyanpire's heart Masumunya now attempt to please him with a candy apple. Of course he picks the GREEN one instead of the RED one so Nyanpire is still upset. One would think that since Masumunya likes Nyanpire so much that he'd at least know what his favourite colour is. It's not like Nyanpire has ever kept it a huge secret anyway since he blurts it out quite often and will eat ANYTHING red.

Masumunya will be awesome!

Don't hit the Buddha!

Yeah guess what he hit...






Masumunya tries again with a shooting game. He can't possibly loose this time! EVERYTHING up there is red! Sadly he manages to get scared by Nyantenshi and his shot goes off hitting the Buddha... Masumunya can't get a break and everyone leaves him at the stand with his prize. Another cute episode of Nyanpire is completed.

Meow friends always.

Friends and fireworks!








Masumunya wanders off dragging his prize onto a hill. Fireworks start to dance in the sky and he feels sad that no one is with him. Fortunately Nyanpire appears along with everyone else. It's no fun watching fireworks all alone!


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