Nyanpire 12 END

So this is the last episode ehhh? I expected it to be a little longer than 12 episodes honestly... Oh well...

I really don't like those bats...

I wanna meet him too Meow~








Nyanpire is reminded in this episode that he is in fact a vampire. Komori-kun and Mouri-kun never fail to make him remember this little fact. They are quite obsessed with meeting the vampire that made them all bloodsucking buddies after all. Nyanpire would also like to meet him someday but never really dwells on it much. Instead since he will be living forever he is more focused on all his friends that will DIE!

So instead of making the most of his time with his friends Nyanpire thinks it would be best if he just disappeared from their lives never to see them again. I'm not sure why he would start to think this way since he loves his friends very much. It would be better to make the most of the time they have left and treasure those memories when they are gone. Although I don't think that Nyantenshi is counted since I suppose he's already technically dead.

Nyanpire really loves his kitty friends.

So sad ;__;

Poor little Nyanpire!







As Nyanpire looks at his friends from a distance gathering for a picnic they were all to go on, he gets very teary eyed and runs off to be with his vampire lord. Not even knowing where he is of course, Nyanpire runs so far he has no idea where he is. The vampire ends up talking to Nyanpire through some sort of telepathy (I assume) and tells him that he should go and be with his friends again since Nyanpire is not ready to be with the vampire lord. LOL what?

Be with your friends little Nyanpire! The vampire lord commands it!

Confused and lost Nyanpire suddenly finds himself surrounded by everyone. They make fun of him that he rushed on without them and figured he was lost being on his own. Which of course is true. Nyanpire is so touched that he screams he loves everyone! They all laugh and eat a fabulous lunch together.

Meow! My friends are here!

Nyanpire loves you guys! *glomp*








All in all Nyanpire is an adorable little series about friendship. No matter how different everyone is they should all learn to get along and be great friends. I could have watched a million of these episodes since they are short and sweet. (not to mention all the delicious kitty yaoi undertones :P) Some episodes were boring sure, but each episode always left me feeling "dawww" after viewing it. I always looked forward to a new episode each week as well. After all seeing what kind of trouble Nyantenshi would cause was great fun for me. How I love that cute troll cat!

Oh and I don't care what anyone says the ED is still AWESOME. Here's to hoping we get more Nyanpire someday. ^__^

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Nyanpire 11

I was wondering if Nyanpire would do a Halloween episode and sure enough, YES! I find it rather funny that it happened just as I bought all my candy for the kids last week to get ready for it. Sure it's a month away but I had the "extra" cash now and might not later. Best be prepared! Halloween is quite fun at my house because we get about 300 kiddies coming to the door and I love seeing all the cute costumes that kids have these days.

Halloween is a time for CANDY!

Meow wants!







Halloween is also a time for spoOoky costumes!

Meow wants to dress up too!








Nyantenshi explains a little about Halloween and Nyanpire gets a little too excited for taking part. But the thought of getting free candy is just too great so Nyanpire's excitement turns into group excitement and everyone wishes to take part. Nyantenshi also explains that one dresses up as a creepy character for Halloween or just something fun.

Pumpkin Nyanpire!

Ghost Chachamaru!

Komori-kun and Mouri-kun...






Hey kid, gimmy yer candy!

Finally gets that candy.








Out of all the costumes I like Nyanpire's the best. I love pumpkins and seeing him dressed as one is adorable. I too have a pumpkin costume and it is equally as cute. Instead of a witches hat I got a pumpkin top hat for it. Nyantenshi pesters that poor kitty he has bullied all series and finally gets his reward after all this time. I'm not sure if I feel sorry for this kitty or not since you'd think he would have learned by now that he should not hang out anywhere near Nyantenshi!

Masumunya appears in his costume!

Masumunya you are adorable to Nyantenshi!








Masumunya finally appears in his costume and everyone can't help but to laugh. They think his costume is a fleeing soldier instead of a Japanese spoOoky ghost! Nyantenshi can't hold his laughter in at all and wishes he could just hug Masumunya all up. Whatever that means coming from him! Kitty yaoi has reached a new high with Nyantenshi taking part now...

Poor Masumunya.

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Nyanpire 10

*cough* *wheeze* *cough*

Water will fix this! Good thinking Chachamaru.







Could...? Could Nyanpire be DYING?!

Nyanpire seems to have something stuck in his throat making his cute little voice all raspy and old man sounding. Which I personally find super awesome and adorable. He seems so ill that he doesn't want to go on a picnic with Masumunya who brought strawberries and all kinds of Nyanpire favourites. Masumunya starts to think that Nyanpire is really REALLY sick and just might end up DYING!

Wow look at all that stuff!

So what's a love stricken kitty to do other than go out and buy all the best medicine and remedies his credit will allow him to get. He urges Nyanpire to use any and ALL for the better of his health. Nyanpire wonders why at first but the promise of living a long healthy life makes him try out several products.

Green sludge mmmm.

Hot, hot, HOT!!!

Now that's pill popping!






Fight through it Nyanpire! YOU SHALL LIVE!!!

After a while Nyantenshi shows up with the feeling that "stupid" seems to be taking place. Oh how right he is! He asks what's happening and Nyanpire explains... I love that Nyantenshi always seems to have some food with him lately. He's totally my favourite Nyankitty after all these episodes.

I'll be healthy forever! He's totally starting to really get into this.

Hey guys... You know Nyanpire is a VAMPIRE right?








Troll cat strikes again!

I'm glad Nyantenshi points out what I was thinking ALL episode! Trying to be healthy is fine and dandy but when people start taking things to this level, I think they do more harm than good in the end.

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~A Look at Anime to Come~ Fall 2011

 Using the chart from here. I give you the below edited for my preferences:

Click to actually read it

8 anime made it to the super looking forward to and will watch. Hilariously only 2 of those titles aren't season 2's and of course they both happen to be the noitaminA titles Un-Go and Guilty Crown. The only 2 season 2's I don't give a crap about are Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi (lol yaoi) and Shana III (lol tsundere). I'm currently trying to watch Shana Season 1 and it's not going so well enjoyment wise so who knows if I'll even get it watched by the time III starts. I find it rather amazing that Shana is the only show I have to watch to catch up with what's airing. Generally I got 2-3 titles to do that for when Spring and Fall roll around but only 1 is just a little shocking for me.

The one anime I'm most pumped up about is Hunter X Hunter. I love the original series and always hoped that they would make more.  I really can't wait for it! I dunno what I'll do if it disappoints me. 🙁

Gundam Age has been getting a lot of flack but I still think it'll be enjoyable. I gotta watch it anyway cause then I wouldn't be able to say I've watched ALL gundam titles! (Somehow I made it through all of SEED) Still waiting on more awesome Gundam Unicorn. An episode of that should be out pretty soon.

Ben-To has me interested for the silly factor. I don't really know what to expect but I do expect to laugh! It's probably the silliest anime I'm looking forward to this fall. I do hope that Kimi to Boku proves to be entertaining and not some kind of Ouran knock off without a reverse harem. Hori­zon on the Middle of Nowhere I hope it wow's me. I just want something that I think might be trash to actually be good.

I really hope that Last Exile and the new Fate/Zero do not disappoint me. I probably could live with Fate making me sad but if Last Exile is crap... I dunno... 🙁

I'll be interested in how Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai AKA "I got me no Friends "will do. There's a fair bit of hype about it but I'm still not so comfortable with it personally. Something about it just screams run away to me. Kinda like how Tamayura does along with those other few red highlighted titles...


I won't be blogging any of these but I might start that strange Busou Shinki Moon Angel soon because it's got 5 minutes episodes but I haven't decided on that yet. I've been doing pretty good with the Nyanpire posts so if that keeps going I plan on keeping up! I'm totally going to re-start blogging TORIKO as it's a shame I had to stop. It'll be fun catching up with it because GUTS GUTS GUTS is awesome!


 Fall anime is going to be exciting! YAY for season 2's of shows I actually like! Bakuman, Ika, and Working woooot!

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Nyanpire 09

Go get ma food Nyanpire!

Misaki tasks little Nyanpire to go shopping. Cause... She clearly trusts a cat to actually go and get her food... Nyanpire will have none of this of course. He lazes about the house until Chachamaru takes things into his own little paws. He shall do the shopping all on his own!

I'll do it later!








Chachamaru out on his own to do the shopping.

Nyanpire clearly still in the house goofing off.








The others spot Chachamaru on his way to do the shopping so they go and check up on Nyanpire to make him feel bad for making Chachamaru do all the work. Mostly the 2 bats and Nyantenshi cause mischief spewing their fun little lies that clearly just to upset Nyanpire enough to want to go out and find Chachamaru and actually help him with the shopping. After all Nyanpire is Chachamaru's older brother and he can't possibly be able to do anything properly without him!

Nyanpire WILL HELP!!!

Chachamaru appears with the shopping!

Can't help but to giggle at poor little Nyanpire.








Overall it was a boring episode but it was fun to see the entire cast being silly together. I wanna see more Masumunya trying to get Nyanpire to kiss him or something. Kitty yaoi is where it's at! I would have actually showed Nyanpire doing the shopping in this episode and totally failing at it. That would have been 10 times cuter than him just running around trying to find Chachamaru. Ah well Nyanpire is still fun!

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