Nyanpire 09

Nyanpire 09

Go get ma food Nyanpire!

Misaki tasks little Nyanpire to go shopping. Cause... She clearly trusts a cat to actually go and get her food... Nyanpire will have none of this of course. He lazes about the house until Chachamaru takes things into his own little paws. He shall do the shopping all on his own!

I'll do it later!








Chachamaru out on his own to do the shopping.

Nyanpire clearly still in the house goofing off.








The others spot Chachamaru on his way to do the shopping so they go and check up on Nyanpire to make him feel bad for making Chachamaru do all the work. Mostly the 2 bats and Nyantenshi cause mischief spewing their fun little lies that clearly just to upset Nyanpire enough to want to go out and find Chachamaru and actually help him with the shopping. After all Nyanpire is Chachamaru's older brother and he can't possibly be able to do anything properly without him!

Nyanpire WILL HELP!!!

Chachamaru appears with the shopping!

Can't help but to giggle at poor little Nyanpire.








Overall it was a boring episode but it was fun to see the entire cast being silly together. I wanna see more Masumunya trying to get Nyanpire to kiss him or something. Kitty yaoi is where it's at! I would have actually showed Nyanpire doing the shopping in this episode and totally failing at it. That would have been 10 times cuter than him just running around trying to find Chachamaru. Ah well Nyanpire is still fun!

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