Nyanpire 10

Nyanpire 10

*cough* *wheeze* *cough*

Water will fix this! Good thinking Chachamaru.







Could...? Could Nyanpire be DYING?!

Nyanpire seems to have something stuck in his throat making his cute little voice all raspy and old man sounding. Which I personally find super awesome and adorable. He seems so ill that he doesn't want to go on a picnic with Masumunya who brought strawberries and all kinds of Nyanpire favourites. Masumunya starts to think that Nyanpire is really REALLY sick and just might end up DYING!

Wow look at all that stuff!

So what's a love stricken kitty to do other than go out and buy all the best medicine and remedies his credit will allow him to get. He urges Nyanpire to use any and ALL for the better of his health. Nyanpire wonders why at first but the promise of living a long healthy life makes him try out several products.

Green sludge mmmm.

Hot, hot, HOT!!!

Now that's pill popping!






Fight through it Nyanpire! YOU SHALL LIVE!!!

After a while Nyantenshi shows up with the feeling that "stupid" seems to be taking place. Oh how right he is! He asks what's happening and Nyanpire explains... I love that Nyantenshi always seems to have some food with him lately. He's totally my favourite Nyankitty after all these episodes.

I'll be healthy forever! He's totally starting to really get into this.

Hey guys... You know Nyanpire is a VAMPIRE right?








Troll cat strikes again!

I'm glad Nyantenshi points out what I was thinking ALL episode! Trying to be healthy is fine and dandy but when people start taking things to this level, I think they do more harm than good in the end.

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