Nyanpire 11

Nyanpire 11

I was wondering if Nyanpire would do a Halloween episode and sure enough, YES! I find it rather funny that it happened just as I bought all my candy for the kids last week to get ready for it. Sure it's a month away but I had the "extra" cash now and might not later. Best be prepared! Halloween is quite fun at my house because we get about 300 kiddies coming to the door and I love seeing all the cute costumes that kids have these days.

Halloween is a time for CANDY!

Meow wants!







Halloween is also a time for spoOoky costumes!

Meow wants to dress up too!








Nyantenshi explains a little about Halloween and Nyanpire gets a little too excited for taking part. But the thought of getting free candy is just too great so Nyanpire's excitement turns into group excitement and everyone wishes to take part. Nyantenshi also explains that one dresses up as a creepy character for Halloween or just something fun.

Pumpkin Nyanpire!

Ghost Chachamaru!

Komori-kun and Mouri-kun...






Hey kid, gimmy yer candy!

Finally gets that candy.








Out of all the costumes I like Nyanpire's the best. I love pumpkins and seeing him dressed as one is adorable. I too have a pumpkin costume and it is equally as cute. Instead of a witches hat I got a pumpkin top hat for it. Nyantenshi pesters that poor kitty he has bullied all series and finally gets his reward after all this time. I'm not sure if I feel sorry for this kitty or not since you'd think he would have learned by now that he should not hang out anywhere near Nyantenshi!

Masumunya appears in his costume!

Masumunya you are adorable to Nyantenshi!








Masumunya finally appears in his costume and everyone can't help but to laugh. They think his costume is a fleeing soldier instead of a Japanese spoOoky ghost! Nyantenshi can't hold his laughter in at all and wishes he could just hug Masumunya all up. Whatever that means coming from him! Kitty yaoi has reached a new high with Nyantenshi taking part now...

Poor Masumunya.

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