Nyanpire 12 END

Nyanpire 12 END

So this is the last episode ehhh? I expected it to be a little longer than 12 episodes honestly... Oh well...

I really don't like those bats...

I wanna meet him too Meow~








Nyanpire is reminded in this episode that he is in fact a vampire. Komori-kun and Mouri-kun never fail to make him remember this little fact. They are quite obsessed with meeting the vampire that made them all bloodsucking buddies after all. Nyanpire would also like to meet him someday but never really dwells on it much. Instead since he will be living forever he is more focused on all his friends that will DIE!

So instead of making the most of his time with his friends Nyanpire thinks it would be best if he just disappeared from their lives never to see them again. I'm not sure why he would start to think this way since he loves his friends very much. It would be better to make the most of the time they have left and treasure those memories when they are gone. Although I don't think that Nyantenshi is counted since I suppose he's already technically dead.

Nyanpire really loves his kitty friends.

So sad ;__;

Poor little Nyanpire!







As Nyanpire looks at his friends from a distance gathering for a picnic they were all to go on, he gets very teary eyed and runs off to be with his vampire lord. Not even knowing where he is of course, Nyanpire runs so far he has no idea where he is. The vampire ends up talking to Nyanpire through some sort of telepathy (I assume) and tells him that he should go and be with his friends again since Nyanpire is not ready to be with the vampire lord. LOL what?

Be with your friends little Nyanpire! The vampire lord commands it!

Confused and lost Nyanpire suddenly finds himself surrounded by everyone. They make fun of him that he rushed on without them and figured he was lost being on his own. Which of course is true. Nyanpire is so touched that he screams he loves everyone! They all laugh and eat a fabulous lunch together.

Meow! My friends are here!

Nyanpire loves you guys! *glomp*








All in all Nyanpire is an adorable little series about friendship. No matter how different everyone is they should all learn to get along and be great friends. I could have watched a million of these episodes since they are short and sweet. (not to mention all the delicious kitty yaoi undertones :P) Some episodes were boring sure, but each episode always left me feeling "dawww" after viewing it. I always looked forward to a new episode each week as well. After all seeing what kind of trouble Nyantenshi would cause was great fun for me. How I love that cute troll cat!

Oh and I don't care what anyone says the ED is still AWESOME. Here's to hoping we get more Nyanpire someday. ^__^

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