Two Years of Blogging Complete!

So yeah here we are at year 2! wooooo

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I was going to do a much larger post for this but I have injured my wrist and shouldn't even be typing this. I hope it gets better soon so I'll be putting everything on hold blog wise for a bit longer to let my wrist heal as quickly as possible. I wanted to start the Toriko episodic posts up again next week but that again will have to be pushed back till I'm better and of course the Chibi Devi! posts will be on hold as well.

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I will mention, (since I made people take a look at this post anyway) that I'll be bringing back my "365 Days" project next year! This time it's going to be titled: 366 Days of Anime School Uniforms 2012. 366 because next year is a leap year! I haven't fully thought out much of how these posts will take form yet but you can be sure that they will be fun and hopefully interesting. I've already created a few charts of anime school uniforms and I'll be showing those for every 30 uniforms that pass throughout the year in a sum up post.

Oh those adorable Kimi to Boku boys~

So look forward to another awesome year from Oishii Anime and thanks for reading even though the posting has been lacking lately.

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Chibi Devi! 02

The only time when babies are super cute. While they sleep!

Chibi Devi's parents look on from a magical portal... They sure look like humans...








Chibi Devi continues to be adorable but it is starting to fall prey to some shoujo tendencies that I really can't stand. At the very beginning of the episode we see a glimpse at the real parents of this little demon baby. They wonder if the girl they picked is the right one for the job. Only time shall tell with her apparently. I still don't quite understand why the baby is sent off to live with Sawada honestly. But I guess it's some kind of baby demon training.

Of course she has 2 guy friends...

Sawada invites over her childhood friend Kyou. He of course is a kind caring fellow but doesn't have much brain room upstairs from what I can tell. He has a buddy named Shin that seems to care about Sawada but doesn't quite know how to show it because he likes to get upset over small things. He's the one that'll steal her heart of course since this is a shoujo. Sawada claims right away that she doesn't like him because of his attitude but I know he'll be the one to help her out the most with her new demon bundle of joy.









Mao doesn't quite like Shin's attitude either since the first thing he does is give him a fire bath because of his screaming and yelling.

Just who/what is this baby?



Lets pull and see.






The trio sit down just to think things through on who/what little baby Mao is. He's got those adorable ears and tail after all. Who wouldn't wanna give them a poke and pull to see if they are actually attached. By the end of it all they are still stumped at what he is. Shin is very irritated at the whole situation because he just doesn't understand Sawada really doesn't know a thing about this mystery child. Sawada is kind of an air head after all in my opinion. I mean who sees little ears and a tail like that and assumes they are accessories when she saw him naked already?

Oh shit my anime is on gotta run!

My face too when Mr closed eyes said that...








After Mao freaks out over being prodded by Shin, Kyou suddenly tells everyone that he has to go! His excuse is that he must go home to watch anime. I gave it a chuckle but honestly it was rather silly. I wish they could have thought up a better reason to get rid of his character than that. Love Pudding was the name of his anime by the way. Which totally sounds like some strange hentai title to me. Not a show they would show during prime time TV that's for sure. In all the confusion everyone gets up and leaves little Mao all alone in the room.

Opened door? Woot!

Outside adventuring for baby Mao.








Being an adventurous child we all saw it coming when Mao gets up and ventures towards the bedroom door and then through the front door. I'm not sure how he got away without being seen by Sawada and Shin (since they were already outside...) but I'll cough that up to this being an anime and that kind of detail shouldn't be thought about. Where's cute little Mao gonna end up in the next episode?

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Chibi Devi! 01

Cruel "friends"

So mean...

Cruel "family"






It's really sad that she goes to bed every night crying...

A gift from the ceiling goddess!








Sawada is just an ordinary 14 year old girl. She goes to school and does other things a normal girl her age would do. She's a little depressed that she sucks at making friends and is always alone because her parents are never around but she still tries her best! One day she wakes up and pulls the sheets off her bed to find... A BABY... Her first reaction was to cover it back up. I'd do the same thing honestly. I wouldn't want to look at it anymore that's for sure. How the hell does a baby get into MY bed without me knowing anyway?! Let alone her bed!

Baby under my sheets?

Naaa can't be!








So after the baby shits and screams for a while. Sawada changes the cloth and learns that the baby has a tail and cute little "wings" on his head. She totally knows it's a he now instead of a she cause she had to change his big stink! She then notices that the bib he came with has the name "Mao" on it. So of course she comes to the conclusion that the babies name is cute little Mao-chan. The baby responds and both rejoice until little Mao starts to freak out because he is hungry. Or so she assumes.

Gotta work hard for the poop!

The smelly stinky poop!







All changed!

The bib must be right about the name!








Having no baby clothing around, Sawada decides to put a dragon suit on Mao because the clothing he came in is all full of the poops still. Girls totally always have dragon suits just laying around in their rooms by the way. It's totally normal I swear!

Ohhh I know!









During their walk to go and buy some milk, Sawada happens to meet up with those super rude classmates of hers. They instantly think she's skipping school because she isn't wearing her uniform. Cause that's totally the first thing that would pop into anyones head right?! They start to tease her saying that they won't tell the teacher if Sawada takes on their cleaning duties for a whole month. That's totally retarded but Sawada doesn't seem like she can stand up to the bullies so just ends up saying "so not fair" and drops a tear onto the cute little Mao-chan's cheek.

Ah crap those girls again...

Uhhg so mean.








Can't do anything but cry...

Mao instantly knows that these girls are up to no good and takes matters into his own little hands. IT'S TIME TO BREATH SOME FIRE ON THESE BITCHES!!! No one has a clue what just happened or even how it happened! The 2 barbecued girls and Sawada stand in shock as cute little Mao laughs away.










Got what they deserved honestly.








Adorable first episode even if it lasted 5 minutes. I really like short episode series anyway so this is perfect! I like how this is pretty much the shoujo equivalent of the shounen series Beelzebub! Same concept just super girly! I'm completely in love with the OP too and it's SO simple! Chibi Devi, Chibi Devi, Chibi Deviiiiiii!

KAWAII ^___^

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Tuesday Tally Week… Ehh Screw That… Months April to September!

Yup it's certainly been a while. What happened? Not much honestly I just got behind on this project and kept putting it off "till next week" and it suddenly was 6 MONTHS LATER! So where'd I leave off last? Oh right... I was in the middle of finishing off Yu Yu Hakusho. Which turned out to be an alright show by the end of it all. The 2 movies that were after the series kinda sucked though. Anyway since summer is well over now here's what I've been viewing during all this time.

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During April to June all I pretty much did was finish off all the current anime from this year (winter/spring) and a watched a "few" series. I won't bother talking about the new stuff since I'll save that for my end of the year round up that seems to have turned into a tradition since I started blogging. I read a bunch of manga one shots but none were really interesting that I can recall except for Eensy Weensy Monster which hilariously enough isn't even a one shot. If you liked Kare Kano then I highly suggest checking out Eensy Weensy Monster as it's like a way shorter version of Kare Kano imo. I'll list the series/ova's/movies of interest I watched with basically a one or 2 sentence sum up for my thoughts. If you wanna see the whole list click the link at the start of this paragraph.


Picture done by yuuki











  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny - Blargy...
  • Superior Defender Gundam Force - Childish but super fun!
  • Gokinjo Monogatari - Fashion never felt so fun before. Got a little too drama heavy by the end though and it felt forced.
  • Cromartie High School - Cute boys, doing cute things? Not really "cute" but completely hilarious!
  • Young Animator Training Project Anime - These were all super fun and we need to see more of this stuff being produced.
  • Yoji Kuri Shorts - Can't say I'm a fan of his style but I did enjoy Stamp Fantasia.
  • Tailenders - A short 30 minute movie that felt like an awesome prequel for Redline.
  • Otona Joshi no Anime Time: Kawamo o Suberu Kaze - I fell hard for this. I kinda wish it was a little longer but it got the job done. Will post about it on my Snack of the Week spot at some point.
  • Zou no Senaka: Tabi-Datsu Hi - These 7 minutes may make you cry.
  • Omae Umasou da na Movie - If you haven't watched this story about DINOSAURS yet, what are you waiting for?

One of my favourite casts










  • Hare+Guu ALL - #1 best comedy ever!
  • Legend of DUO - Am I ever glad the episodes were only 5 minutes...
  • Koi Sendo - Deer kick ass!

Working Lady!

Delicious space opera!

Fashion and sex!











  • Macross - Started re-watching this with a sccsav group but ended up finishing it off on my own.
  • Toward the Terra - My latest space opera obsession. I really need to find a place for it in my top 20.
  • Paradise Kiss - A not so direct follow up to Gokinjo Monogatari. I enjoyed this one a lot more because I got to see people FUCKING!
  • Toshokan Sensou - I still don't really know how I feel about this one. War and books.
  • Hataraki Man - It was fun watching this tough lady make her way through her days. Finishing this also concludes my "Finish all noitaminA anime" goal for the year.
  • History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi - Someday I hope there will be more of this. If Hunter X Hunter can get a re-make this show deserves one too!
  • Bamboo Blade - Didn't really live up to the hype for me. Was watched because it's on Digiboy's top list.
  • Colorful - Slow paced but a really good movie about the afterlife and life in general.
  • Kenya Boy - Boring first half but then you get DINOSAURS, NAZIS AND ATOMIC BOMBS!
  • Eden of The East Movie 1-2 -  Glad I finally sat down to enjoy these.
  • Karigurashi no Arrietty - Typical Ghibli movie. Very pretty and fun. Got a little tiresome towards the end though.
  • Naruto Shippuden Movie 4 - Felt just like the 2nd movie.

Picture done by punchiki

Moving onto July to September now I have to say that a lot of anime was consumed. Some weren't so great but most I actually really enjoyed. I felt like I was spoiling myself by watching so many great titles honestly. No manga was read during this time but I didn't have much time during the summer months between watching a lot of anime and doing outdoors stuff. We generally have a huge gathering in August because that's when my bf's birthday is so we had non stop guests for a good 2-3 weeks. September was an insane month for watching anime and that's when all the summer anime ended as well. Again I'll just list the series/ova's/movies of interest I watched with basically a one or 2 sentence sum up for my thoughts. If you wanna see the whole list click the link at the start of this paragraph.



  • Zero no Tsukaima ALL - Blargy...
  • Supernatural The Animation - Some episodes were boring some weren't. I haven't seen the TV series it was created after but now I kind of want to.
  • Majuu Sensen: The Apocalypse - MAN = BEAR = LION = EAGLE
  • Descendants of Darkness - It was fun but don't really remember much about it.
  • Idol Master Xenoglossia - Blargy... I tried to like this show...
  • GaoGaiGar - GA GA GA GA GA GA GAOGAIGAR! Enough said.
  • Panda Z, Taiko Drum Master, Nanami-chan, Di Gi Charat ALL - all very adorable short episode series. Very fun to watch.
  • Lupin III: Castle Of Cagliostro - Glad to have finally seen one of the most hyped anime movies ever.
  • Lupin III: Farewell to Nostradamus - My favourite Lupin III film so far. (I still got 21 tv specials to go through)
  • Towards the Terra - Loved the movie just as much as its series re-make.

Candy Candy


  • Mazinger Z - Old school robots kick ass.
  • Candy Candy - Now this is a shoujo show I never expected to be as great as it turned out to be. There were plenty of boring episodes but when the story got going it was amazing. I still don't like nurses though.
  • Ninja Nonsense - WTF was that? Way more random and strange than I was expecting!
  • Popee the Performer - Oh boy... Just watch it if you want something that's pretty fucked up.
  • Ga-Ra-Ku-Ta: Mr. Stain on Junk Alley - It's the hobo life for me!
  • Denshinbashira Elemi no Koi - Telephone pole love is sweet.
  • Crusher Joe - Fun random space adventures.
  • Locke the Superman - Telepathic powers sure are awesome. Especially when they come along with immortality!
  • Mai Mai Miracle - Had no idea what this was suppose to be about going in and honestly I still don't really know. Slow paced slice of life movie that I don't regret watching but probably won't watch it ever again.
  • Redline (watched 2 times) - Delicious.
  • Hermes - Winds of Love (re-watch) - Watched this with the terribad sccsav group. That was interesting.
  • The Golden Laws - Watched this with friends that were down. TOTALLY HILARIOUS in a group watch.
  • Bleach Movie 4 - I really enjoyed this movie but I've always liked tales about climbing your way out of hell.

Picture done by moto murabito

Nana x Nana

Duke Togo is badass












  • Blood+ - Blargy... Did have some good moments but too much miss...
  • Nana - Hello delicious drama! Thought I'd hate it but fell in love with it. That ending pissed me off for quite a while though. Still kinda ticked off about it.
  • Golgo 13 - Golgo gets laid a lot.
  • Shakugan no Shana ALL- Blargy...
  • Master Keaton - All I knew about this going in was that it was episodic and slow. Boy did I ever get that. But I also got another favourite anime and Keaton is living the life Yang wished he could have. Well almost!
  • Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen - THAT END!
  • Irresponsible Captain Tylor - Space adventures ahoy! Tylor is Yang's silly younger brother!
  • Sumomomo Momomo - Really funny first half then it slipped up and got boring and pulled a pretty lame ending. Not to say I was expecting a masterpiece from it by any stretch.
  • Fate Stay Night (re-watch) - The bf hadn't seen it and I thought it would be fun to watch it before the new Fate Zero airing this fall. Still enjoyed it the second time around.
  • If I See You in My Dreams - Enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. Didn't overly enjoy the ova that was a different telling of the story though.
  • Battle Programmer Shirase - I could have watched a million more episodes of this.
  • Girl Detective Club - If you wanna see a little girl pull out a machine gun from her pantsu check it out.
  • Eyeshield 21: Maboroshi no Golden Bowl - I don't overly enjoy football but this intro episode actually made me interested in the series. Still not too sure if I want to sit through 145 episodes of it though...
  • Shuffle Intro - I had no idea it was set in a fantasy world with girls who have elf ears. Not that that's gonna make it better by any stretch of the imagination though. Very much not looking forward to sitting through this one.
  • Break Blade - Pure win. Snake post on this shall be done soon.
  • Aim for the Ace - Rushed movie. I will look forward to watching the series instead for a more fleshed out feeling.
  • Onigamiden: Legend of the Millennium Dragon - It's ok if you wanna waste some time watching a boy figure out which side he wants to be on. Oh and dragons!

Ah cats =^__^=

So that's what my life has been like over the past 6 months 😛 I'll try to be better at keeping this back to a regular weekly update. Or at the very least do a monthly one.

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