Chibi Devi! 02

Chibi Devi! 02

The only time when babies are super cute. While they sleep!

Chibi Devi's parents look on from a magical portal... They sure look like humans...








Chibi Devi continues to be adorable but it is starting to fall prey to some shoujo tendencies that I really can't stand. At the very beginning of the episode we see a glimpse at the real parents of this little demon baby. They wonder if the girl they picked is the right one for the job. Only time shall tell with her apparently. I still don't quite understand why the baby is sent off to live with Sawada honestly. But I guess it's some kind of baby demon training.

Of course she has 2 guy friends...

Sawada invites over her childhood friend Kyou. He of course is a kind caring fellow but doesn't have much brain room upstairs from what I can tell. He has a buddy named Shin that seems to care about Sawada but doesn't quite know how to show it because he likes to get upset over small things. He's the one that'll steal her heart of course since this is a shoujo. Sawada claims right away that she doesn't like him because of his attitude but I know he'll be the one to help her out the most with her new demon bundle of joy.









Mao doesn't quite like Shin's attitude either since the first thing he does is give him a fire bath because of his screaming and yelling.

Just who/what is this baby?



Lets pull and see.






The trio sit down just to think things through on who/what little baby Mao is. He's got those adorable ears and tail after all. Who wouldn't wanna give them a poke and pull to see if they are actually attached. By the end of it all they are still stumped at what he is. Shin is very irritated at the whole situation because he just doesn't understand Sawada really doesn't know a thing about this mystery child. Sawada is kind of an air head after all in my opinion. I mean who sees little ears and a tail like that and assumes they are accessories when she saw him naked already?

Oh shit my anime is on gotta run!

My face too when Mr closed eyes said that...








After Mao freaks out over being prodded by Shin, Kyou suddenly tells everyone that he has to go! His excuse is that he must go home to watch anime. I gave it a chuckle but honestly it was rather silly. I wish they could have thought up a better reason to get rid of his character than that. Love Pudding was the name of his anime by the way. Which totally sounds like some strange hentai title to me. Not a show they would show during prime time TV that's for sure. In all the confusion everyone gets up and leaves little Mao all alone in the room.

Opened door? Woot!

Outside adventuring for baby Mao.








Being an adventurous child we all saw it coming when Mao gets up and ventures towards the bedroom door and then through the front door. I'm not sure how he got away without being seen by Sawada and Shin (since they were already outside...) but I'll cough that up to this being an anime and that kind of detail shouldn't be thought about. Where's cute little Mao gonna end up in the next episode?

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  1. tachi himura says:

    not going to put the other post devi chibi! 03 and 04?

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  2. chii says:

    I will be soon enough but if you read my 2 year post you would know I have a wrist issue atm and everything is on hold till it is feeling better which could be sometime next week. 🙂

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    you are late with the post of episodes of chibi devi! 4 and 5 go down?

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