Chibi Devi! 03

Chibi Devi! 03

Mao continues his journey from the last episode after he escapes from Sawada's apartment complex... SOMEHOW...

Baby Mao where'd you go?

To the park of course!

Bag looks fun! Lets get in it!








Sawada starts to give into despair about loosing little Mao.  Shin to the rescue with his bold speech about not giving up snaps her out of it and the hunt continues. After all there's only so much a little girl can be calm and composed about after everything she's been through over the past few days.

Sawada's a huge crybaby

Shin is an ass but knows what to say








Mao's outside adventure continues as the 2 kids search for him. I'm not sure how he could have gone to all these places without a lot of people noticing and grabbing him to keep him out of harm but well I guess we wouldn't have had an episode if things weren't done this way. From book stores to riding a sushi line, Mao seems to be having the time of his life until a he falls onto a cat and ends up being dropped off on a roof. Once there he starts to think about Sawada and how much he misses her. He spots a flower in a tree and instantly remembers it as her because of her flower hairpin. Tree = girl didn't you know?! Unaware that he is on a roof and in great danger of falling if he goes for the flower, he of course does so and ends up taking a tumble.

Books are great!


Not sushi I'd want...






After a sushi ride...

...It's time to ride a cat.








On a roof...

All alone...

Flower = Sawada!






SAVED from the fall!

Thankfully out of no where a strange "masked man" catches Mao in mid air before he hits the ground. Sawada and Shin give a sigh of relief that baby Mao is safe but end up being quite confused over who/what his rescuer is all about.










This mystery man claims to know ALL about little baby Mao and he'll tell them everything if they go with him. The episode ends and I can't help but to think this man wants to kidnap everyone and do really dirty things to them. That won't happen of course but my imagination is silly sometimes. 😛

Is that you Kyou?

Chibi Devi! 03, 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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