Chibi Devi! 04

Chibi Devi! 04

Follow me I swear I won't touch you...

So the mystery man turns out to be a daycare owner (The Chibi Devi Nursery School to be exact...) that wishes to offer Sawada a place to keep little baby Mao. He explains that Mao is a devil and of course he gets some strange looks from Sawada and Shin. They demand to know more but the dude doesn't really explain anything and just tells Sawada that he'll be taking care of Mao from now on. THANKS RANDOM DUDE I JUST MEET!

This is my Chibi Devi Nursery School!

Yeah, I don't get it either...







Evil scary demons!

Little Mao can't really be a demon, can he?








Sawada thinks about being separated from Mao for a minute, looks a little sad, but realizes that it is the best thing to do for Mao and says goodbye. She of course completely misunderstood the mystery man and he makes it clear that he will only look after little Mao during the day. He explains that whoever finds a demon baby first instantly becomes their parent... I so don't get this but ok...

Oh little Mao, I love you but it's time to say bye bye!

She doesn't understand how she can even take care of a baby and Shin completely agrees. After all she can barely take care of herself... Not to mention she's only... 14!







Thinking about how Mao will become an orphan if she doesn't take care of him convinces her to keep up with it. Baby Mao is really cute of course so how can she say no to his adorable little face. The good thing is that the mystery man can try and find a new parent in the meantime but it will take a whole month. Sawada is still questioning her ability to take care of Mao but if it is only going to be for a month she might be able to manage!

Looks like a bedroom pow wow to me!

Sawada be the Mama, Shin be the Papa!

Terrible idea but it's going to happen anyway.








They return to Sawada's apartment and Kyou greets them. His anime is finished now and he has time to deal with the Mao issue. Or at least listen about it. He jokes that if Sawada is going to be the Mama of Mao that Shin should be the Papa. Shin of course hates this idea and starts his usual screaming and carrying on but before he can really let Kyou have it, Kyou runs off again to watch yet another anime! lol... I would too... Who wants to deal with this baby business when you are a kid?

They are both just like sleeping little angels.

This episode we learn that Sawada doesn't actually have negligent parents that are always at work or off doing whatever. They are in fact DEAD! The thought crossed my mind earlier because she is living on her own after all but it never really sunk in till Kyou said it out loud. I find it weird that Sawada's grandmother allows her to live on her own at such a young age but I guess Sawada not wanting to rely on her relatives outweighs any rational thought. Instead we are stuck with the writer trying to make us feel really sorry for her. Which, I suppose I do a little, but she doesn't HAVE to be alone or having such a hard time trying to take care of herself. After all she does seem to rely on her friend Kyou a lot even if he isn't the brightest star in the sky.

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