Chibi Devi! 05

Chibi Devi! 05

A teacher at the daycare. She looks pretty evil.

So, little baby Mao's first day at daycare without Sawada around was a pretty boring episode. They showed Sawada dropping Mao off in front where a kind lady took Mao in for her. He started to cry and carry on of course. What baby wants to be separated from his Mama? The kind lady urged Sawada to go ahead to school because it is normal for baby demons to have a fit when they are first dropped off at daycare.

Have a good day Mao...








Sawada goes on with great hesitation. She's really getting into this baby stuff after all and what kind of Mama would she be if she just walks away without a care in the world when she hears her baby crying up a storm. She wanders back once more just to be sure that Mao is ok but finally goes to school. The episode then cuts to her coming to pick him up and it looks like that lady just stood outside with Mao all day. It would have been nice to see him interacting at the daycare but I guess they'll leave that for another episode (6 hopefully).

I stood here all day holding Mao! He cried till he fell asleep!

Mao is very upset with Mama.

Very upset!








Once home Mao is very upset with Sawada still for leaving him alone all day. He starts to pout and be quite rude to poor Sawada. Just when she started to give into despair (she does this a lot...), Shin knocks at the door to see how things are going. If it's only going to be for a month he supposes he could be Mao's Papa like Kyou suggested. Shin magically makes everything better by making Mao jealous that he was laying his head on Sawada's lap. Mao crawls over and quickly pushes Shin's head away from his dear Mama. Super cute.

It's not like I want to help you or anything!

Jealous little Mao?









Come to my welcome to daycare party tomorrow! Lots of other parents will be there! WOOOO!

The principal suddenly appears out of no where and invites them to a welcome party for the next day. All the other parents will be there so that means all the other DEMON BABIES will be there too! I can't wait for episode 6!

Who knew there were other demon parents out there?! Scary...

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    last the episode 6 of chibi devi

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