Chibi Devi! 06

Chibi Devi! 06

They are starting to look like a young happy family!

Chibi Devi's get their power from whatever suit they happen to be wearing. AWESOME! So when Sawada and Shin went to the daycare party there were 2 other devil babies dressed up in cute outfits. One was was, I assume, a penguin so they breathed ICE and the other...! Was dressed as LUM so it conducted electricity! Mao had on his dragon suit so he was able to do his fire thing that we saw in the first 2 episodes.



















Nothing much happened in the rest of the episode except the principal telling the mothers that when they need help their baby devils will protect them as long as they are wearing an outfit where they can imagine what power they should be using. To demonstrate this he made the babies scared that he was going to harm their mothers and ended up getting shockingly iced many times! I hope that it works for any outfit on any baby. So say Mao was wearing the Lum outfit then his power would change to electricity. I wish I could wear a dragon suit and breath fire! Why oh why wasn't I born as a demon baby?!

Normal Mao.

Fire Mao!

Demon baby superpowers!






If only he would stop getting in the way of the demon babies powers...

The Lum shout out was enough for this episode to be truly awesome. Urusei Yatsura is an alright anime but Lum is just pure love. And of course the potential promise of other babies hanging around more often with their superpower abilities is great. The new discovery of the suit powers is great and I hope to see the babies having more fun with them in future episodes! These suits (if not already) need to be sold for mothers to dress their babies as these adorable little animals. Deep down I kinda wish I could fit into them too, because yes, if I had a dragon suit I'd wear it everyday.

So cute seeing Shin blush~

Chibi Devi! 06, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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