Macross Idols Love

Macross Idols Love

Because ghostlightning made me do it!

Favorite Idol: Sheryl Nome - Song: Diamond Crevasse

Most awesome idol: Lynn Minmay - Song: My Boyfriend is a Pilot

Most winsome idol: Ranka Lee - Song: Aimo Tori no Hito

Cutest idol: Mylene Fallnya Jenius-Kizaki - Song: Sweet Fantasy 

Scariest idol: Sharon Apple - Song: A sai En 

Best failed idol: Myung Fang-Lone - Song: Voices

Most awesome failed idol (because I love to hate him so): Basara Nekki - Song: Power to the Dream

Best thing ever: Sharon Apple - Song: Information High

BONUS! Best duet: Ranka Lee & Sheryl Nome - Song: Sayonara no Tsubasa ~ The End of Triangle



2 Responses to “Macross Idols Love”
  1. I have no idea why you’d be in awe of Minmay, but I won’t complain. I <3 her forever.

    But BOOO, hating on Basara BOOOO

    Anyway… VALKYRIAAAAAAAAAAA~ looping this forever!

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  2. chii says:

    awe because she was the first! if it wasn’t for her the others wouldn’t have followed! <3333333

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