High Score 01

High Score 01

Everyone fears her but still loves her!

Fujiwara Megumi is a giant bitch. And she gets away with acting like one because everyone thinks she's hot. She has a boyfriend, Masamune, that I would consider to be a perfect match for her because he is a giant asshole. They are both super vain and self absorbed. They treat everyone around them like shit but it's ok because they are both HOT!

The lovely couple.

Doesn't matter who they kick around.

Doesn't matter how many times either...








Hot people get away with a lot. This is true in real life as well. I guess this show shall parody how hot people get away with everything and anything just because of the way they look. Probably making fun of shoujo here too since pretty people are in those stories a lot but this is taking it to a "bad girl/boy" extreme. I hope by the end of the series we get to see them getting what they deserve. A good swift kick in the ass. A good personality goes a lot better with being hot in my opinion, and these 2 certainly don't have it.

Interesting way to treat her around friends.

His team isn't so strong against Megumi.

But it's totally the pantsu's fault captain!







Everyone wishes they would die... I think I do too...

Gotta say the first episode didn't really sell me on the series but I really want to know more about this stuck in a table dude. He's the weirdest thing I've seen in anime in a while so I'll keep watching just for him. The ED to the episode is rather interesting. 30 seconds of figures of the 2 main characters floating around the screen with the awesome table man bouncing around too. I enjoy how the show looks because I enjoy strange shorts that are always different animation/look wise.

I dunno wtf it/he is but I want to find out!


4 Responses to “High Score 01”
  1. Nim says:

    I had no intention of watching this show… until now. Thanks a lot. lol

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  2. predederva says:

    “stuck in a table dude” . Ok Now I’m interested…the guy is stuck in a table…lol.

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  3. chii says:

    I wish he had a bigger part in the show but well time will tell if he’ll become more important or not

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