High Score 02

High Score 02

This episode brings in some more new characters. Masamune's sister Emika and her strange flirty boyfriend Kyousuke.

Oh cheaters...

...Always get what they deserve.








I'd barf just looking at them like that too...

Emika is a not so pleasant person. She makes her anger known to all. She has an issue with Masamune dating Megumi for some reason but they don't really venture into that during the episode. I don't blame her I suppose though cause Megumi  is a pretty icky girl. But it's not like her brother is any better. This episode we actually get to see Emika's dark cruel side of constantly beating on Kyousuke. Not that he doesn't deserve it of course. Who on earth would tolerate a boyfriend who constantly cheats and flirts? Especially when it ends up happening right in front of her.









Emika's friend asks just why she is dating Kyousuke.

Kyousuke wonders why too sometimes it seems.

He can take my beatings without BLEEDING!








Emika has a cute friend (I like her hair and seemingly innocence) that just doesn't understand Emika's relationship with Kyousuke. All Emika ever does is beat on him anyway so she wonders just how they got together in the first place. Kyousuke way back in first year asked her out, she punched him and said if you get up under 5 seconds I'll date you. Instantly in 3 seconds he sprung up and they have been "happily" together ever since. Emika's friend is a little weirded out by this story and I would assume anyone who hears that story would be too. But well... They both seem happy. Kyousuke after all seems to be a masochist which is a good thing because he compliments Emika's sadistic side very well. I'll look forward to more episodes focusing on this couple.

In the end Kyousuke is happy that Emika only wants to beat up on him... Emika's friend is still confused...

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