Not so Secret Santa: Galaxy Angel Part 1

Not so Secret Santa: Galaxy Angel Part 1

Moving along to my second anime things have picked up greatly for me from the first one enjoyment wise.  My Not so Secret Santa Project gives me Galaxy Angel next! Chosen by the other half of Reverse Thieves, Hisui. This turns out much better than the anime their secret santa gave me! I'm going to do these Galaxy Angel posts in 3 parts because there's a lot of Galaxy Angel stuff out there. I won't publish the other parts till sometime after the 25th though. This one includes Galaxy Angel & Galaxy Angel Z.

Old men always run the show but the ladies are the read stars!

Galaxy Angel's "plot" is simple. 5 girls called the "Galaxy Angels" are to search for Lost Technology that their Government wishes to have. Each episode is generally pretty random and full of laughs. These Lost items can range from everyday objects to robots and beyond! There is no telling what these girls will get mixed up into next!

I got to sit through some lovely 10 minute episodic episodes. I feel like the OP and ED just seem to get in my way of the next episode. I don't hate them but I do find it annoying that they seem to go on forever even though they don't. Z did this much better by putting 2 episodes into one so I only had to sit through the OP and ED once like normal anime episodes. There isn't much difference between the 2 seasons other than the number of episodes and even that isn't a huge issue. Being an episodic show there is always going to be some hit or miss episodes to sit through. Luckily I enjoyed all of the characters so when there was an off episode it wasn't all that bad to sit through.

A strange creature that becomes a pet of sorts.

I love food so the fact that there was always a cooking theme to the episode titles and well the girls names was quite awesome. The show doesn't always look amazing but I was generally too busy paying attention to what was going on than caring what everything looked like. I did like how there always seemed to be appropriate music/sound effects throughout the episodes. There's nothing more annoying than having something not sound right to me and when the shows main focus is to make people laugh this is very important to me. All the main girls were super fun and even the side characters that we are suppose to forget about instantly leave some sort of impression.









Milfeulle has cute pink hair and loves to cook. In season 1 they played up her lucky side quite often. She is incredibly ditsy which leads to some painful scenes now and then but overall she's a super fun character. Her constant thinking about food amused me greatly.










Ranpha has lovely long blond hair and huge boobs. She's the most energetic of the bunch and constantly questions everything. Generally her mouthy bitchy side comes out when she's really irritated, so like every episode. On more than one occasion she was made out to be a rich man chaser which was quite entertaining. She has these really strange hair clips that look like some kind of space probe which I find super cute.










Vanilla has pale green hair and bright red eyes. She is small and very quiet which makes her out to be very robotic. She reminds me a lot of Ruri Hoshino actually.










Mint has blue hair and bunny ears that she likes to wear. She is very little and polite but can come off as snobbish due to her coming from a rich family. She seems to be very intelligent and has gotten the girls out of a mess numerous times. One thing about her that I love is that she liked to dress up in costumes. She hides this from the others but we get to see that hilariously awesome side of her. In Z there was an episode were she was in a dinosaur suit and she became a star because of it. Easily my favourite episode of the 2 series right there.










Forte has long long long red hair, wears a monocle and a pretty cool hat. She's obsessed with guns and has enormous boobies. I'd consider her to be the leader of the girls even though she doesn't really take on that roll officially. She is the oldest so it doesn't really surprise me that the other girls would look up to her in that kind of way. One thing that weirds me out about her is her voice. She sounds like a dude and for a while I thought that she actually was...

She's probably my favourite~

Sexy dinosaur suit photo shoot? HELL YES!










Overall Galaxy Angel is a great show to just sit back and watch. You don't need to think about what you are watching at all and it'll generally get a chuckle or 2 out of you per episode. They had a few "serious" episodes that they threw in 2-3 times but overall it is just a mindless fun comedy. I've heard interesting things about the video game and considering how much I actually enjoyed the anime I might just go out and find it to play.


* Story 6/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 8/10
* Characters 8/10
* Overall 6/10


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