Not so Secret Santa: Hajime no Ippo

Not so Secret Santa: Hajime no Ippo

Sixth in line for the Not so Secret Santa Project is the delightful Hajime no Ippo! I took up DonKangolJones's challenge to watch this anime to prove just how manly I am. I watched the 2 movies that were made too. I'm pretty manly!

Hajime no Ippo AKA Fighting Spirit's plot is simple. A boy named Ippo is the target of bulling. He hates that they pick on him but he doesn't know how to change his fate. One day the usual happened but this time he gets saved by someone. This someone just happens to be an up and coming boxer named Takamura. And thus a great friendship was born between the 2 boys and an interest in boxing emerged. Together they work hard to be the best boxers that they can be.

Announcers are awesome!

Ippo is a fantastic motivational anime. It takes a lot of work to do anything and this show shows you just how hard those things can be. This particular goal happens to be boxing. I think boxers are some of the most talented and dedicated athletes out there. It's fucking hard to take blows to the head over and over again while throwing a bunch of your own. Then you have to add in watching their weight so that means a very VERY strict diet. There's all kinds of different weight classes: Featherweight, Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight, these are the few I can name off the top of my head not being a super fan of the sport. Ippo was in the Featherweight class where his buddy Takamura is in the Middleweight.

Gotta workout hard to...

...achieve goals!










The animation and music aren't really anything special but they do fit the theme/tone of the show. There's interesting lighting they use when the boxers are fighting each other in the ring that I noticed was used in One Pound Gospel too. It's very angelic like which to me means that they are really trying to glorify the brutal sport. I have no personal interest in boxing but I don't hate it or anything. I'm more of an MMA kind of girl. An even more brutal sport! 😛

The most important person to a boxer is their coach

With the plot being only about making it big in boxing they really had to pull through with having amazing characters. And pull through they certainly did! Every character you wanted to root for. Every character was likable as long as you took the time to get to know them. And know them we certainly got to do. Most anime tell us a pretty alright story when it comes to character background but Ippo just did it so well! I didn't end up having a favourite character because I love them all so much. If I really had to choose one it would probably be Ichiro. I can't explain why I see him a tiny bit above the rest but I just do.


Overall, manly show is manly men fighting to be the best. I didn't get around to watching Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger to include in this review but be assured it'll appear eventually on here.

These following pictures are just some fun stats that show Ippo's progression during the show. Click to enlarge at your own risk!













* Story 8/10
* Animation 7/10
* Sound 7/10
* Characters 9/10
* Overall 8/10


4 Responses to “Not so Secret Santa: Hajime no Ippo”
  1. There isn’t much that gives me more joy than finding out that someone enjoyed one of my recommendations, or favorites. I consider this a Christmas gift from you. I’ll have to pay you back by picking up one of your favorites.

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  2. chii says:

    Oh well I consider my enjoying the show a Christmas gift to you so we’re even! 😀

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  3. Baka-Raptor says:


    This was a very successful intro anime for some of my friends in college.

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  4. Karry says:

    “It’s fucking hard to take blows to the head over and over again while throwing a bunch of your own. ”

    No, its fucking easy, you just have to be retarded enough to be intentionally trying to get your brain damaged even more, over and over again. Seriously, boxing is retarded. Watching Ippo is somehow good, nonetheless.

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