Not so Secret Santa: Joshikousei

Not so Secret Santa: Joshikousei

This time it's a showdown between Digiboy and Otou-san! to see if I was going to enjoy Joshikousei or not. Digiboy was for and Otou-san against. This one was probably one of the funnest anime I could have gotten for my Not so Secret Santa Project.

Yeah watch out! No one wants a butt cut!

Joshikousei AKA High School Girls is just what the title says it's about. A group of girls are making the leap into high school! They expect a grand and glorious change from their middle school days. While a change certainly is in store it doesn't really turn out to be the fairy tail they want. Girls are gross, crude, and crass when no one is looking! Joshikousei follows these girls and they, love, cry, live, and laugh at their experiences while growing up!

Yeah girls are kinda gross like that too... I can only imagine the smell...

You know what they say... Girls always have to pee together!










Digiboy Win: The girls and their gross dirty ways was hilarious.

Episode 1 and 2 showed this really well and then that idea kind of dwindled as the show went on but appeared now and then still in later episodes. Episode 2 was the oh so silly School Physical where one of the girls was trying to weigh less by balancing with one leg on a scale. Wouldn't balancing on a scale actually make you weigh more? You know... because you are putting all your weight plus into keeping your balance? XD I ended up asking a lot of strange question due to these girls antics.









Otou-san Win: The parody bits before the OP were awesome and generally the best part of the later boring episodes.

Any show that pokes fun at Maria-sama and Nana is AOK by me! Random pirates and gunfights are pretty cool too!

Fat girls need loving too.

Digiboy Win: Most of the characters were amazing. Even the side ones.

All 6 of the girls the show revolves around brought something fun to the show. Sometimes it was logical, most of the time it was wacky and strange. Both were highly appreciated. Characters is where this show didn't let me down. Even if they were doing something I didn't care about I still found myself caring even if it was boring. Oddly enough I don't have a favourite one. They all were pretty awesome.

They sureeee are!

Otou-san Win: The middle episodes (5-7, 9, 10) were poo.

All these episodes were so boring I actually don't really remember much about them. I even took notes and those notes don't even make much sense... Not that my note taking is super amazing by any stretch. I was sad that episode 5 being a pool episode and 7 being a beach episode didn't have me in stitches with laughter. They really could have done much better with these 2.

Yeah I don't really know wtf was going on here either! XD

Overall: HaHa BOTH WERE RIGHT!~ But Digiboy wins slightly more because in the end I did give the show a passing mark. Joshikousei is the little sister series to Seitokai Yakuindomo that aired in 2010. I highly suggest checking that anime out over this one for girls being crass and nasty if you haven't seen it already. Oh and I guess you could watch Joshikousei too if you haven't! I swear you won't loose "many" braincells!

* Story 6/10
* Animation 6/10
* Sound 8/10
* Characters 8/10
* Overall 6/10


7 Responses to “Not so Secret Santa: Joshikousei”
  1. Emperor J says:

    I think I dropped this about halfway when it first ran, but I can’t believe how dated this show looks already. It still should be one for the 366 uniforms though.

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  2. Taka says:

    Standing on one foot while on the scale wouldn’t affect the weight readout, you’d just be distributing the weight to one leg instead of two.

    Also: I have never even heard of this anime before today.

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  3. Sorrow-kun says:

    @Emperor J
    Well, to be fair, it already looked dated when it first came out.

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  4. chii says:

    @Emperor J don’t blame you for dropping it half way through… thats where it started to suck. and yeah this is totally going to be one for the uniform posts

    @Taka but if it’s on a small surface like a scale the read certainly would be more because when you are wobbling trying to keep balance the little arrow thing would bobble around. it’s really easy to shift your weight in a case like this but not in the right direction for her XD

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  5. Taka says:

    Well yeah wobbling would make the weight fluctuate it wouldn’t necessarily make it heavier. Once you found your balance though it wouldn’t be any different that 2 feet.

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  6. otou-san says:

    OK, I’ll hand one thing to you: Your standard anime paints girls as an unattainable angelic thing which never poops (anime for boys), or the lovelorn plain-but-demure princess waiting to be discovered (shoujo), but this one did nothing of the sort. It made teenage girls out to be the disgusting creatures that they are.

    That said, I generally don’t enjoy crassness for its own sake. In a fart joke, there are two components: the fart, and the joke. I kinda felt like Joshikousei was all fart, not much joke. Which is a shame, because I enjoy a good fart joke.

    I think it lost me somewhere in the middle episodes where even you mentioned that it got pretty uninteresting. Also, it looked like crap.

    I think I’ll go try Seitokai Yakuindomo!

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  7. chii says:

    All fart XD haha that’s awesome! I’d say it was about 80% fart and the rest joke! when it was funny it was great but yeah mostly smelly.

    I hope you enjoy Seitokai Yakuindomo. I think it adds some class to fart jokes

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