On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: One Underrated Anime

On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: One Underrated Anime

On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me,
One Underrated Anime

Mmmmm tea! Picture by suzuka sario

Hyouge Mono has become a huge favourite of mine. Sadly not a lot of others agree. But there are some like me that still watch this series and get great enjoyment from it. The reason why so few are watching this of course has to do with a lack of quick subs. I'm really glad at least one group out there is still doing them. Huzzah is a great group that does wonderful underrated anime. Sure it might take a long time to get finished but at least I have the hope that these titles will be completed someday so I may enjoy them. Especially something as wonderful as Hyouge Mono!

He has the best facial expressions ever!

So quirky but still puts fear into everyone.








So what is so special about Hyouge Mono you might be wondering? I can only speak for myself here but if you really enjoy fun historical anime that features Oda Nobunaga, who is one of the most eccentric and brutal figures in history this anime is for you. While he is certainly a main character, the show actually revolves around the awesome Furuta Sasuke. A lover of art, architecture, and the sheer beauty of pottery, specifically being tea cups and pots for his other obsession being tea ceremony's. Hyouge Mono follows his struggle as he tries to balance rising in the ranks of his group while still being completely obsessed with tea and the more fun aspects of culture.













All the food is so detailed I wish to eat it myself.

How this happened is quite hilarious. Episode 8









The idea that an anime based on a dude loving tea is crazy enough but when you add in all the political stuff it becomes something even more special. For me anyway.... I do love my tea and I certainly love history! Add in some great characters, a snazzy look, a very interesting OP, and an interesting story and there you have an amazing anime of the year!

These structures are one of my favourite things about historical anime like this.

So yeah, go watch Hyouge Mono!


On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: One Underrated Anime, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


4 Responses to “On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: One Underrated Anime”
  1. SStefania says:

    OMG, there really ARE people watching this awesome show!
    When it comes to historical anime I have a huge butthurt, because for some reason nobody wants to sub them. Souten Kouro got its subs only just recently, nobody seeds Tono to Issho anymore and so on. I was happy to see that next season will have some Sanada Ten Braves as bishounens, unless I remembered that there was another anime with them as bishounens, about five years ago, and only half of it is subbed to this day.
    But everyone wants to sub every harem moeshit. At least three groups are making every goddamn Rie Kugimiya tsundere bitch. Yes, I do like moe and ecchi things, but I am butthurted anyway.

    GD Star Rating
  2. kluxorious says:

    I have yet to watch this. The episodes seem to be far in between -__-

    GD Star Rating
  3. chii says:

    Everyone should watch this! Slow subs or not

    GD Star Rating
  4. prede says:

    I love history and politics, but not a fan of tea really. Then again I’ve only tried chinese tea…Anyway never heard of this show before, but I really like the art style. Aces .

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