Secret Santa Part 2: Glass Mask (2005)

Secret Santa Part 2: Glass Mask (2005)

As promised the final installment to Glass Mask is here with the last version this show went through in 2005. The Reverse Thieves Secret Santa project has been fun but I question the Secret Santa I got. Did they really think I would enjoy this? Did they leave me with this as the only option to review on purpose? Did they wish to troll me knowing I'd watch it anyway? I choose to go with the simplest of answers: We don't know each other at all. Them Anime has been around forever. I can't say that I'm a loyal reader but I do link to them on occasion for my Snack Posts. There's a review for the 1984 version on there that isn't super flattering which highly amuses me.

As you all probably already guessed by reading my OVA review and the 1984 version, I'm not the hugest fan of Maya and her journey to become an actress... With that in mind I still went into this version with an opened mind. I expected a brand new take on the series and almost wanted to expect it to be good... Well... I got neither of those... The Kaleido Star vibe I got right from the beginning of seeing Glass Mask as my anime came full circle. I would gladly watch Kaleido Star again over Glass Mask and I didn't even like that show either!


I couldn't believe it! I was watching for the 3rd time... that SAME STORY. The only difference now was that it had a better look. I'm not one that cares too much on how an anime looks, so I couldn't have cared less that it looked "better". The "saving" grace after the first half was that I was actually seeing more of the story. A more "complete" version.







Even though this time around the story kept going I still wasn't pleased. After all it's not like I care about any of the characters so I really didn't give a crap if they succeeded or not. I did however enjoy the more played up romance between Maya and Masumi. I also found it quite hilarious that his helper chick who later becomes Maya's handler was made out to be this evil, yet classy, all knowing person who could at any moment expose everything! It's hilarious drama like that that holds my interest. Even if it's predictable, if it's funny I'm ok with it. Although I'm sure we weren't suppose to find it funny but well I'm special. Hell I even found Maya's bulling from the other actresses hilarious! Her showdown with her rival in the end was completely pee my pants comedy.


So yeah... Overall I'm not so impressed with this show or it's many remakes... -.- Thanks Secret Santa... LOL...

* Story 6/10
* Animation 7/10
* Sound 4/10
* Characters 2/10
* Overall 4/10

Secret Santa Part 2: Glass Mask (2005), 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


4 Responses to “Secret Santa Part 2: Glass Mask (2005)”
  1. I hope you came out of this ordeal stronger and with more patience. Though I think watching all this just stole a little piece of your soul that you’ll never get back.

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  2. chii says:

    i have the most patience in the world in order to sit though this, if i had none it wouldn’t have happened!

    my soul is quite fine! thanks for caring about it <3

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  3. Bradley Meek says:

    You were incredibly difficult to choose for, Chi. On Anime-Planet you claim to have seen over 2,000 anime, which is mind-boggling, I’m only now creeping up on 500 anime myself. This meant that you had already seen most of my recommendations, and finding something that would “challenge you,” and “broaden your tastes,” the original ideal for the RT’s Secret Santa, was a shot in the dark.

    I’m sorry that I recommended stuff you had already seen- I must have missed them while browsing your list. I think having seen 2/3 would be enough to justify a mulligan, but that milk is spilt now.

    I do think 2005’s Glass Mask is a fantastic series, and I’m hardly the only one in that regard. It’s still one of the longest running and most popular shojou properties in Japan, even getting a live action adaptation at one point. I had also chosen it because you did seem a little short on shojou drama, and it’s still easily available on Crunchyroll.

    And for what it’s worth, the written opinions of THEM are not necessarily my own. The site has been around for over ten years, and I’ve only written for them for roughly four. I’ve never seen the 1986 adaptation, and don’t really plan to.

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  4. chii says:

    yeah i know i could have called for a mulligan but i took the bullet and went with the one i was given hehe

    I’m aware that a lot of others like this series i have a friend who loves it but i’m just not one that cares about show business i guess XD

    and i totally know not everything on THEM is by you or that you would agree with all the reviews on there. that’s what multi author sites are all about! I just thought it was funny that the 84 version didn’t have a glowing review that’s all. 😀

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