The Next 12 Days of Christmas and the Not so Secret Santa Projects

The Next 12 Days of Christmas and the Not so Secret Santa Projects


It's that time of year again! Anime bloggers all around will be participating in the fun 12 Days of Christmas project where we remember 12 things that inspired us greatly over the last year. This will be my 3rd year taking part in this so I plan on following the format I did last year inspired by the awesome Desu ex Machina whom gives us those wonderful Anime Power Rankings posts each week so check those out! I've already thought up all my ideas for the 12 Days of Christmas project because while my wrist is still quite painful to use I just couldn't not participate this year since I feel that this is one of those fun things that I started off with when I first started blogging 2 years ago. ^__^ So I figured if I start writing them early enough I should be able to get them done on time and not injure my wrist further. Look forward to them starting on December 14th going straight till the 25th!

Next we have Reverse Thieves doing their Secret Santa Project again this year. Third year running to my knowledge. I was very new the first year so had no idea about this project (hilariously enough found out about the 12 Days one though :P) and last year I didn't notice the initial sign up post until people were tweeting about their choices on twitter. This year I vowed to pay attention around October and sign up! YAY I DID! I got e-mailed my 3 choices from my Secret Santa through the Thieves and was rather disappointed with my choices honestly. 2 were shows I had already seen (which kinda defeats the purpose of writing a review for said anime imo) so I was really only left with one choice. Glass Mask will be watched (urg...) and 2 reviews will be coming out starting on the 24th (1984 version) and the 25th (2005 version) which was the actual pick of my Secret Santa. I might do a post on the OVA that came out in 1998 as a Snack of the Week post but we'll see if it can be watched without knowing anything else about the series.

Anime-Planet is also hosting a fun Secret Santa this year that I have decided to join. I don't know if I'll bother posting about it on here because I dunno when we have to watch our anime by, but if it's something I can manage I certainly will put up a review of the lucky anime I get. Others should join too if they have AP accounts! ^__^

Always wanting to give more and more to my blog readers, (I've kinda slacked this year posting wise I think...) I've decided to give the Not so Secret Santa Project a go again this year. YAY more review goodness! I asked on my Formspring a simple question to all: "Is there an anime I haven't see that you really think I should watch ASAP? Watched List <- for your convenience :P", and I received many wonderful responses! So I'll be taking some of the answers from there along with a special one that started a pretty fun twitter conversation. Who and which anime they have chosen will be a secret until I start publishing the reviews yet again this year. I bet most have forgotten that they gave these suggestions to me so hopefully they will be surprised. The reviews will start on December 19th and run straight till the 25th.

He's going to kick winters ass!

And because I like the end of year tradition I started when I first started up this blog, I shall once again be doing a review of all anime that aired this year in 4 separate seasonal posts starting on the 28th and ending on the 31st.

Hope you are looking forward to the December posting madness coming up! All Pictures in this post were done by my favourite artist matataku.

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