366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 9/366 Touch

366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 9/366 Touch

Day 9/366












Touch is an amazing drama that most people dismiss because of the baseball aspect to it. If you want a quick look at what the series can be like do check out the movies.

Both the girl and boy uniforms are quite plain and boring. The girls wear a long dark blue dress with a white blouse top and have a dark blue jacket that they can wear as well. The one thing I like about the girl uniforms is that they don't have to wear ties or bows. Boys are yet again boring with a very typical uniform you see in pretty much all other anime for boys.

Gym uniforms are very interesting to me. Why would you wear a long sleeved shirt when you are going to be running around a lot and sweating? The girls have red shorts with a white stripe down each side with a tiny red trim on their shirt collars. I find these to be quite nice considering how dated the look is. Boys wear long blue pants with a white stripe down the legs and have 2 red stripes on their white long sleeved shirts. The long sleeve shirts still bother me very much. Boys would HATE this unless they were running around in the snow or something. I like that they seem to all wear orange running shoes though. ORANGE! haha!









I don't have anything to say about the baseball uniform but here's a picture of it anyway!

Overall: Na, I don't think I'd bother wearing this.

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  1. I do find it refreshing that the girls don’t have to wear ties, too. It’s a novel, but silly idea if you ask me. I will say, that when you’re running it does help at times to have long sleeves. Your legs may get heated from the exercise, but your poor arms are pretty exposed on a cold morning. The collars on the gym shirts is just dumb though. I swear.

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