366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 60/366 Minami-ke

Day 60/366


Minami-ke is about 3 awesome wacky sisters who live their lives as normal as strange people can.

I'll start left with the left, Chiaki's uniform is a cute red plaid skirt. Sadly she wears a school sweater pale pink in colour which I can't stand. I do love her white shirt with the shoestring bow tie though. She's not wearing it in this picture but she gets to wear a really cute dark red hat as well. I much prefer if she didn't wear her sweater all the time and stuck with the nice off white jacket instead. It's a perfect uniform for a young girl.

Kana's uniform in the middle is a simple red skirt with a sailor suit styled top. The biggest difference of a typical sailor top is that her bow tie is like Chiaki's, a shoestring tie. Very lovely and fits well with a middle school girl.

Haruka's uniform surprise surprise is the perfect uniform for the oldest of the sisters. A simple blue skirt and jacket. She wears a sweater from time to time I'm not too fond of which is a very light brown with a slightly darker trim to it. I do like the flashy red tie she gets to wear though. Makes her stand out even more than she already does from her younger siblings.

I guess I should say a little something about the boy uniforms. They are plain and just like every other school boy uniform. All black. For the most part though when the boys are around they aren't wearing their jacket. It's still pretty boring but typical. The boys that are Haruka's age get to wear that lovely blue instead of the black which is nice.

Overall: I'd wear Chiaki's skirt with Kana's shirt and Haruka's jacket!

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 59/366 Ouran High School Host Club

Day 59/366

Ouran High School Host Club is about a school that teaches the wealthiest of children.

Since the main female lead crossdresses we don't overly see her in the girl school uniform. So we get to see it on any background girl character in the show. They wear a pale yellow long dress that has those poofy shoulder pads which I don't overly like. I do like that they have huge white cuffs though. They have a lovely thin red bow tie as well. I don't overly like this uniform because all yellow is generally very ugly when it comes to clothing.

The boy uniforms are probably one of the most well known boy uniforms around. Having a baby blue jacket and the school crest on the breast. They wear a white shirt with a black tie. Simple but effective. I can't personally say I love these uniforms but I appreciate them for being a little different from the norm.

Overall: Not even having a girl crossdressing in the boy uniform would make me want to wear it. And of course hell no to the girl one.

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 58/366 Fruits Basket

Day 58/366

Fruits Basket is about a down on her luck girl but gets mixed up with a mysterious family that just happens to turn into Chinese zodiac animals when touched by the opposite sex.

The girl uniform is actually quite cute considering it's just a blue sailor uniform. But what makes it stand out is that the tie is white instead of red giving it a blue and white only theme. Their is a really nice white lining to the jacket as well. This white lining also transfers onto the boy uniforms making them a little more interesting since they have an all black style. They have really snazzy white ties as well so that also helps them stand out among a sea of black uniforms.

Overall: Didn't overly like the show so I really wouldn't want to dress like it's characters. The uniforms are really cute though.

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 57/366 Koi Kaze

Day 57/366

Koi Kaze is many things. Incest being one of them... But I personally think it's one of the best romance series out there in anime.

This series did everything possible to be plain and ordinary except for one thing. It's school uniform wasn't that one thing. A simple blue sailor suit with a red tie. Nothing special about it. And when we did see a school boy on screen, he of course was wearing a typical all black uniform.

Overall: I'd wear it if plain and simple is that what I was going for.

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~A Look at Anime to Come~ Spring 2012

Like this winter I'm only going to watch season continuations and wait till everything else has finished airing. I will be picking a few that I feel I will like to keep up with though. This brings my total up quite a lot from 6 shows in winter. I dropped 2 of those to watch at a later date because after 2 episodes they just weren't doing it for me. Another and Mouretsu Pirates will be better off marathoned, I hope... All the others keep pleasing me greatly. Especially Poyopoyo!

If you cut out all those school girls in this picture on the right I think it would make a much better anime...

Since Spring is a busy time of year anime wise my total jumps from 4 watching titles in winter to 11 new titles for spring! For a full list of anime going to air click here and here. I won't be picking up any new anime to blog because I think I still have my hands full with what my current plans are. (Like always)

Eureka Seven is getting another season focusing on another young boy. I wasn't a huge fan of the first show but it did have some really great moments and when some characters weren't being annoying great characters too. Hilariously enough I'm excited for more Queen's Blade! Gotta love big busty ladies fighting among each other for an awesome title!


Haiyore is finally getting a full anime. They made a lot of shorts for it that's for sure so I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before it got a full series. Can't say I care about it though because the shorts didn't do it for me. So when I'm not pleased with the shorts it's generally a no brainer that I won't care about the full version. Arashi no Yoru Ni I can't believe is getting a full anime. The movie was great but thinking that this series is going to span 52 episodes is just odd to me. I doubt anyone will want to sub all of it anyway.

Season 2's: Fate/Zero (YAY!!!) Kimi to Boku (more boys being cute for another season) Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? (S1 was entertaining enough to get me to want to watch a S2) Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle (This is a very fun shounen show about solving puzzles. It's kind of a sleeper hit imo since it's getting another season and all) Saki (Girls playing boardgames... I was meh for the first one but meh enough to want to watch another season of it. I love boardgames!) Yuru Yuri (YAY!!!)

Oh hell yes~

The only new anime I'm looking forward to is Space Brothers. I'm expecting something more awesome than Planetes. Now you might be thinking "Planetes is the best! Nothing can beat it!" or "Man if you weren't swooned with the anime read the manga!" 1. It's hard to get me to read manga and 2. I'm a strange person when it comes to me and SPACE stuff I like. It's pretty random actually. Something has to set me off in order to REALLY enjoy it for it's spacey goodness! This is partially why I'm not too pleased with Mouretsu Pirates.

There's a few others I have my eyes on that people have been talking about. Like this Mysterious Girlfriend X. It doesn't look like my kind of thing but it could be good. Hiiro no Kakera to girly it up because Hakuouki Hekketsuroku didn't do it enough for me. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia could be good but I have a feeling it will go the Gosick route for me. Kingdom looks like it will be right up my alley but I have suspicions that it might not get subs anytime soon. I'll wait and see what happens if I'll pick any of these up.

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