366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 33/366 Sacred Seven

366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 33/366 Sacred Seven

Day 33/366

Sacred Seven is about a bunch of kids with superpowers...

I got really tired at searching for all the different colour uniforms this anime seems to have. I did my best though. Boys are plain but just switch from colour to colour when the show sees fit. They have black pants and a short fat blue tie. The jacket comes in 3 colours from what I saw. Tan, white, and black. The white one if my favourite of the bunch and they all have interesting trimmings. The black one has light blue trimmings that makes it look like something out of Tron.

Girl uniforms are pretty darn ugly even though they have plaid skirts which I like. Depending on where you look the skirt is either a plaid blue or a plaid gray. I dunno why these uniforms are so complicated with the colour schemes in this anime but they are all ugly. The girls wear a pretty plain white jacket (or they wear the same tan uniform jacket as the boys) and get to wear the most hideous baby blue (yellow with the gray skirt) sweater if they choose so. Boys get to wear this ugly sweater as well if they want to... To make matters worse their huge yellow (blue with the gray skirt) bow tie is just wrong. Ruri is super special so she gets to wear her uniform in a pink shade. So ugly honestly and the huge pink bow just makes things worse for hers because she wears a huge red bow in her bright orange hair.

Overall: So not wearing these even if the skirt is plaid. I dunno what the creators of these uniforms were thinking...

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  1. Patches says:

    Okay I take it back. 🙁 I really liked the dude’s black uni, though.

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