366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 55/366 Softenni

366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 55/366 Softenni

Day 55/366

Softenni is about a bunch of girls who play tennis while goofing off.

The school uniforms for the boys and girls in this show are just like every other generic anime school uniform. Boys all black, girls a sailor uniform with a blue skirt and red tie. But honestly we hardly ever see these girls in their official school uniforms. They much prefer to wear their tennis uniforms and hit the school courts. Their tennis uniforms make up a wonderful rainbow when they are standing all together. Every girl has a different colour she wears. Orange, red, purple, blue, and all white. The orange, red, and white ones are pretty much the same style wise except for the white uniforms skirt. The purple one has an awesome flame printed on her shirt with a white skirt. The blue one is the one that is the most different from the rest. It's all blue and has some white trimmings on it to make it pop. All in all I'm glad the tennis uniforms are cute because the school ones are just meh.








Overall: I wouldn't wear the uniform unless I wanted to blend in everywhere but as you can guess my favourite tennis uniform is the purple one. That flame is SO COOL!

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