366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 60/366 Minami-ke

366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 60/366 Minami-ke

Day 60/366


Minami-ke is about 3 awesome wacky sisters who live their lives as normal as strange people can.

I'll start left with the left, Chiaki's uniform is a cute red plaid skirt. Sadly she wears a school sweater pale pink in colour which I can't stand. I do love her white shirt with the shoestring bow tie though. She's not wearing it in this picture but she gets to wear a really cute dark red hat as well. I much prefer if she didn't wear her sweater all the time and stuck with the nice off white jacket instead. It's a perfect uniform for a young girl.

Kana's uniform in the middle is a simple red skirt with a sailor suit styled top. The biggest difference of a typical sailor top is that her bow tie is like Chiaki's, a shoestring tie. Very lovely and fits well with a middle school girl.

Haruka's uniform surprise surprise is the perfect uniform for the oldest of the sisters. A simple blue skirt and jacket. She wears a sweater from time to time I'm not too fond of which is a very light brown with a slightly darker trim to it. I do like the flashy red tie she gets to wear though. Makes her stand out even more than she already does from her younger siblings.

I guess I should say a little something about the boy uniforms. They are plain and just like every other school boy uniform. All black. For the most part though when the boys are around they aren't wearing their jacket. It's still pretty boring but typical. The boys that are Haruka's age get to wear that lovely blue instead of the black which is nice.

Overall: I'd wear Chiaki's skirt with Kana's shirt and Haruka's jacket!

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