Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 02

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 02

Hide is scared his sister hangs out in this place.

Their house is SO cute~








Moe decides we need a recap on how she and Poyopoyo meet... In the second episode... Meh ok I'll give it a slide cause this is a short anime. Most people wouldn't want to do that because it is a short, but I'm nicer when it comes to them unlike many others. It must be my love of shorts...

Farming, farming lalala la la!

He sure can lift a lot...








Poyopoyo sure does like to jump on things.

Father doesn't mind so much and keeps working.








We get to see just how much of a soft ball of mush their father is when it comes to kitties. I would be too around Poyopoyo! He's SO CUTE~ Anyway we discover that the family, Moe aside, are farmers. So the fathers love of animals isn't a huge shocker to me and Hide's hatred for Poyopoyo just screams that he has had to do too many chores that involve animals!

Cat eyes are so freaky! But oh so awesome too!

Hide and Poyopoyp sure do love to fight.

Deep down Hide and Poyopoyo love each other.








Moe enjoys Poyopoyo's mysteriousness about him. After all he's a perfectly round cat. That's pretty mysterious right there. I love how she was staring deeply into his cute little round eyes only to have Hide try and see if he did in fact have eyes. This of course results in a fight between the two and Moe is highly amused. She knows they love each other even if they fight all the time. I also like that Moe raises an important question about Poyopoyo. Just how would a round cat lick his back to keep clean?! We may never find out!

Watching a fat cat lick himself is the most hilarious thing ever to me. Excuse me while I go and hug my own fat blob of a kitty.

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