Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 03

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 03










Moe walks past a bakery and sees some bread. DELICIOUS BREAD! She is instantly reminded of Poyopoyo! He's round... just like bread! CAT BREAD! So she brings a loaf home and actually dresses up the bread to look just like Poyopoyo. She then tries to get Hide to guess which one is which. He of course goes at Poyopoyo and grabs a knife to start chopping away. This amuses me greatly because in my household I'm generally the one threatening to chop up our cat so we may have a grand feast! The boyfriend doesn't appreciate me doing this ever but I can't help it... I think it's funny. 😛

Kurobe is sooo cute as a kitten.

Not so much trying to feed on Poyopoyo's nipples.








Kurobe is sooo cute as a grown kitty.

Not so much trying to hump Poyopoyo...








Best buddies! <3

An adorable little black kitten by the name of Kurobe is introduced and he loves to sit on Poyopoyo's back and kneed away. Poyopoyo pretends to be a mother for it sometimes which is a little disturbing but not as disturbing as when some time passes Kurobe is slightly more grown and now tries to hump Poyopoyo... It's pretty rare to actually see cats mating and the fact that they made these cats want to mate like dogs is quite strange to me.

Uh oh! Cat fight a brewing.

Night time battles are a kitty must.








A bad ass fish stealing stray cat picks on Kurobe while he tries to defend his turf. Poyopoyo will of course have none of this and takes matters into his own little round paws. That night he kicks some stray kitty ass and everyone is shocked! Poyopoyo is SOOOO COOL!

Poyopoyo is SO COOL that he gave the stray kitties family some food the next day. They must have spoken in kitty talk during that big bad fight.

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