Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 04

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 04

School couldn't even escape an anime about a round cat!

This episode we get to learn a little more about Hide. We meet several of his strange classmates. One boy who is completely in love with his sister Mao and comes off as being pretty creepy with just how much he likes her. But not as strange as the girl who just happens to like Hide.

The Mao loving Kouta.

The Hide loving Maki.








Meanwhile Poyopoyo goes on a little adventure with Father. He's making some food deliveries but animals shouldn't be around the market area. Why I dunno... Maybe it's cause animals are food there! NOMNOMNOM. Father of course gets caught trying to pass Poyopoyo off as a watermelon but ends up saving the day because Poyopoyo spots a rat and jumps in for the kill. SO COOL! They celebrate with a reward of pudding. I thought it was really cute how Father spoon fed Poyopoyo. He certainly does love that round kitty! Spoon feeding anything is completely adorable and shows so much love.

Cats don't belong in my carrot crate!

Why yes that "watermelon" Hiyaa'd!








That "watermelon" kills RATS!

Rewards are so sweet!








We spin back to Hide and his strange classmates who keep acting weird. I don't overly like these new characters but maybe they'll prove to be entertaining later on. The girl has a dog who she is still training. Hide seems to be a dog person since he was excited to see him. This doesn't surprise me at all considering how he reacts to Poyopoyo.

Could this be true love for Hide? A girl who likes dogs... Not cats!

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