Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 06

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 06


So that box of kittens from the last episode wasn't going to disappear on its own... Moe and Hide bring the four little white balls of fluff inside and start to figure out just how they are going to find them homes. Hide takes a picture, gets his friend at school to create a poster and spreads the word that kittens need a home.

That's one sexy kitten poster.

Father always has the best ideas!

Pink=Plum Orange=Apricot Yellow=Lemon Red=Strawberry








Moe of course wants to name them. But how would you ever be able to name 4 white identical kittens and tell them apart? With colour coated ribbons around their necks of course! They decide to give them fruit names like father suggested. Moe first thought of flowers but Hide pointed out that if you name something after a flower it is cursed to die! Everything dies but I guess it means sooner rather than later heh.

They look like they are getting attached.

Kittens give Poyopoyo some exercise!








In the end all the kittens found new homes. The new owners even sent some pictures of what the kittens liked to do in their new homes. Kinda like all those pet pictures you see at the vets office. I found that a little strange but oh so adorable at the same time. They are kittens after all!

Father can't bare to see the kittens go so he works instead. My boyfriend would do the same thing!

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