366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 91/366 Myself; Yourself

Day 91/366

Myself; Yourself is about a boy who returns to his hometown after an absence of 5 years.

Black uniforms are always strange to me. Sure boys wear all black uniforms all the time and this anime is no exception to that. But when the girl uniforms join in on that blackness it is just weird. At least these seem to look alright because there are some gray pieces in there too. The dress is the gray part that has cute white trim at the bottom. The "jacket" part is black and covers the boobs. They have a white shoe lace bow tie that suits this uniform style very well. Instead of wearing the black "jacket" the girls can wear a long sleeved light yellow shirt. It's basically done in the same style as the "jacket" but longer.

The girl wearing the red jacket is in a lower grade than the other kids so obviously having a red jacket tells us that! I like the blue and gold trim it has along the collar. The skirt is a perfect match for the jacket since it is the same blue in the trim for the jacket and has a gold and red trim at the bottom. So lovely.

Overall: Sure to both.

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 90/366 Guilty Crown

Day 90/366

Guilty Crown is all about Shu.

I love these uniforms for some reason. The girl and boy uniforms match so well it's lovely. Boys have an all black uniform but their jackets have this trim to them that really makes them pop out. They also have the school crest on the left side which actually looks alright because it isn't too flashy and in your face. I like that they wear long black or blue ties as well. Below I have a picture of a blue track suit with white trim on it. I can only assume these are the gym uniforms and that the girls would wear a red version of this outfit.

Girls wear a similar jacket but it is maroon in colour and they wear a lovely dark blue skirt. What makes these uniforms super cute to me is the adorable red bow tie they wear. It isn't an in your face huge one like normal it's just a cute normal size which makes all the difference in my opinion. Sadly the tan sweater vest makes an appearance too...

Overall: I sure would wear these.

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 89/366 Break Blade

Day 89/366

Break Blade has pretty much nothing to do with school life but instead is in a world of fantasy and AWESOME.

We only see these military school uniforms in flashbacks and in the picture drama for these wonderful movies. From what I can tell girls and boys wear the same outfit. A long white jacket that has a black stripe on each shoulder along with a button and black pants. The "bow ties" seem to be whatever colour the student prefers or has some other meaning that I just don't know about. Simple, clean, and very sexy these uniforms are.

The other military school uniforms we see are in the picture drama randomly, they are pretty much the same as the white uniforms above but tan instead. All the students in this school wear orange "bow ties" with a gold broach in the middle. The girls actually wear a brown skirts where the boys wear brown pants. These uniforms give off an "I'm getting down to business" feel unlike the sexiness of the white ones.

Break Blade Girl School Uniforms 1
Break Blade Boy School Uniforms








Overall: White ones for me.

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 88/366 Candy Boy

Day 88/366

Candy Boy is about 2 twin girls who find love.

These uniforms are sexy as hell. Simple white jackets that happen to have the school crest on the left side of the arm followed with a simple black skirt. I dunno what it is about these that is so attractive but even that ugly school crest can't take away from their beauty! Some students even wear a very cute short red tie.

Overall: Hell yes, these are pretty sexy.

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 87/366 Ryofuko-chan

Day 87/366

 Ryofuko-chan is just another one of those silly Romance of the Three Kingdoms stories with a twist!

Hilariously enough the main characters in this anime never wear a school uniform. Instead these "girls" are seen wearing their gym uniforms. Simple blue bottoms with a white t-shirt. I'm not sure how I feel about "kids" wearing these type of gym outfits honestly...

We do however get to see some adorable kindergarten children run up to Guan Yu all shocked and in awe. They wear an adorable blue skirt that has suspenders attached to it. Plain white t-shirts that have 2 visible buttons along with the cutest red bow tie I've ever seen. I also like that all their book bags are the same yellow although it must be confusing at the end of the day if you misplaced yours.

Overall: Meh, if I was still a kid I sure would... Adult now so... Nope...

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