Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 07

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 07


Cats in snow is like my favourite thing ever! I wish this episode focused more on cats in snow but the brief moment of Poyopoyo rolling down the house roof was good enough for me!

I'd be scared too if a man opened my door like that!









Instead we get a whole episode devoted to Kurobe! He has gone missing after a repair man came to the old womans house to fix something for her. That poor repair man got Kurobe's special "I like you" treatment done to his HEAD! He ran away in fear and just happened to load Kurobe into his truck at the same time. No one knew about this at the time though so a search for Kurobe was conducted by Moe and friends.

Signs like this makes me think of little kids looking for their pets after an hour or so of not seeing them.

Close but not him.

Too violent to be Kurobe!







That's a dog...

LOL funny nose cat!








They searched and searched for a whole day but Kurobe was no where in sight. My dog ran away at our cottage when I was a kid and we had to go home because my mom had to work the next day. My sister and I were so sad that our dog wasn't coming home with us. Once we got home we ran around outside out house yelling his name like somehow he had followed us all the way home and was just waiting for us there. Man that was a hard week but thankfully my dad went back to the cottage during the week and found out that our dog had been chilling with an old man all week!

Kurobe looks so scared! Poor kitty.

Such a happy moment when lots ones get reunited.








I still don't quite understand why Kurobe likes to hump anything and everything but well at least it's hilarious and gets him into interesting enough trouble.

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