Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 08

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 08

This looks so wrong to me...

Moe working out seems to be turning that dude in the background on... D:

Poyopoyo works out like all cats do. Torturing stuff by jumping and attacking!








This episode is so random! We jump around from playing guess that Poyo paw with Hide and Moe. To everyone thinking that they should workout more because people do get lazy during the winter. I know I haven't worked out since winter started! Maybe once though... I'm amused that when Moe sees Poyo running around beating on Hide she considers that working out for him. I'd so the same thing honestly because I say that stuff to my cat all the time.

Girly Poyo scares me...

lol... oh Kurobe...








After all this weight worry we jump to the old woman putting really girly clothing on poor Poyo! She thinks Poyo is a SHE! I can see how the old woman could possibly mistake Poyo for a girl though. After all Kurobe humps Poyo a lot... Old people are hilarious.

That puff of air around Poyo makes me think he's already taken a dump or something...

Kitty incubator!

Kitty sanctuary!







Father has a greenhouse for winter so he can keep up with his farming it seems. Poyo wandering around inside it could be bad though. Cats and dirt mean one thing. Cat piss and poop! Which can be deadly to plants and kill them. I know a lot of my poor flowers in my gardens have suffered greatly from our kitties doing their business in the beds! So father does the only natural thing any cat loving person would do. Build a kitty fort! Hilariously enough though this fort was so warm and snuggly all the cats in the neighborhood came to chill in it with Poyo. Which of course leads to more kittens!


The episode ends on an odd note honestly. The Satou family is seen at a grave. I don't really know who's grave but I can only assume family plot or their mother. It's a sad way to end the cute random episode really.

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