366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 111/366 Freezing

366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 111/366 Freezing

Day 111/366

Freezing is another anime where girls kick ass in many different ways.

This series is strange in that the main lead doesn't wear the same clothing as the rest of the students even though she goes to the school too. She's the one in the red "battle outfit" which is what I like to call it. The dress part of it appeals to me since I like the white frills at the bottom but I've never been a fan of the top "boob display" style. I will say that the shoulder pad sleeves are quite interesting though.

I really like the uniforms that the rest of these girls wear. Maybe it's my purple bias coming out but mixed with all the white trim and that dark blue thin tie that doesn't stand out at all makes this uniform just amazing to me. Boys get to wear blue pants with a matching tie. Their jackets are tan but for some reason it works. It must be because it counters all the dark of the rest of their outfit along with the girl one. I love that they have blue trim all over the jacket as well but it's too bad that they have a crest on the left shoulder. The crest isn't that bad though since it isn't really in your face noticeable.

Overall: Sure why not!

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