Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 11

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 11

Poyopoyo food again!

Poyopoyo always manages to do episodes that really make me think about my relationship with my cats.

Night time cat journey.

Night time cat journey return! With scratching...








After hearing cat scratching every night during the summer I can totally relate to poor Hide.

Cats LOVE to go outside at night. I call these night time cat journeys. They are generally much longer than their day time cat journeys. There is one thing that is totally annoying about cats and them wanting to be outside. Their scratching on whatever you let them in and out with will drive you NUTS. It drives me nuts anyway... During the summer we even have a cat door so they won't pester us during the night with their wanting in and out. Sadly one of our cats would scratch on the door anyway. Which would piss me off to no end. The boyfriend always got a kick out of this because I'd get so worked up over it. I tried making her stop by spraying her with a water bottle but that never worked. She would just run away and be back once I was back in bed and do it all over again. Maybe she thought I was playing with her...

Yeah... That would scare the crap out of me too.

Dust storms on a farm sure can be a bitch!








The random part of the episode features father doing his farming chores but it just happens to be the dry windy season where crops haven't started to grow yet. There be a lot of dust during this time so he take precautions in order to keep doing his work and not get a load of dirt in the eye. Being around farms a lot during my childhood I know just how much of a pain this time of the year can be for wind and dust in the eyes. Now that time for me has switched  to just after all the snow has gone and all the road dirt from winter is littered all over the pavement. That hurts like hell when it gets into your eye.

Moe decides to go on a cat day time journey.

Following Poyo around all day.








Moe has an awesome relationship with her cats. I wish my cats over the years would let me walk along with them as they go about their kitty outside journeys. Following my cats around the house is awesome and all but quite boring too. I've only ever had one cat that let me do stuff with her outside but sadly she has passed away. My current cat is quite skittish when he's outside so that's out of the question. My other cat when growing up would run off and be a jerk as soon as he set foot outside so we had to put him on a cat least so he was limited to the backyard only.

Even cats like great views!

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