Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 12

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 12

The little kitten Ichigo sure has grown up!

This episode has a serious lack of Poyo in it. He does however EAT A FREAKING BEE... My cat use to chase bees too... I'd always get her away from them quickly though as she wouldn't eat it just play with it. So I really didn't want her getting stung. Cats sure do love messing around with bugs!

I would be horrified if my cat came running up to me with a LIVE bee in it's mouth!

Can't say I'd hug my cat with a bee in it's mouth

D: ...he ate it...








Other than that one Poyo part the rest of the episode was about Moe running a buy my strawberry stuff stand. Everyone was there lending a helping hand. This didn't interest me very much because strawberry picking is something I enjoyed as a child when I was closer to the ground. Although Moe did have their strawberry plants high up so people wouldn't have to bend over to pick them. I'd go to a strawberry picking place like that. But instead I'll stick to blueberry and raspberry picking as those plants grow nice and tall.

I think it could be fun to run a stand like this but I think it could be very boring too.

The best part of doing anything with strawberries is eating them!








I can dig that!

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