Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 13

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 13

Spring time in Poyopoyo land is pretty~

Spring time brings out warm weather, flowers, less clothing and happiness! It also brings out allergies. I'm lucky and don't have these. But I know quite a few people that suffer through them during the first sight of nice weather. The worst though are my friends with cat allergies. Again I'm SO GLAD I don't have that allergy because I don't think I could live without having a cat around. So round and snuggly they are! Anyway I really do feel sorry for my friends that can't be around cats for very long. Some do it anyway and take medication but others don't because it's honestly a hassle.

Sexy Moe!

Sexy Poyo!








Allergies sucks.

Cats love to sleep. They especially love to sleep on things we use. I don't know any cat that won't go after a book or newspaper that anyone has been reading. Hell my cat will go after any paper he thinks we are reading even when we aren't. It's quite funny honestly. He's slept on pants we need to be putting on, shoes we need to be using, he loves to bother me while sewing, and he'll even sleep on my feet in the bed. How that is comfortable is beyond me but at least my feet are kept warm. Cats sleep in some of the strangest places along with the most typical ones. In a chair, on a couch, in their little kitty beds, these are all "normal" places. The weird places would be under tables, snuggles up next to a bookcase, or perhaps on a hard wood floor in the very corner of the room.

Bread cat.

Porcupine cat.

Poyo cat.






Sleep praying.

Sleep cute.

Sleep flop.






Sitting on newspaper...

Sitting in a shoe...








Sitting on... PANTSU!

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