Telling A Person Watching THE Anime That the Manga is Better

Telling A Person Watching THE Anime That the Manga is Better

Everyone has heard this at some point while watching anime. "The manga is way better than the anime!" Some are grateful for this input and I salute them but personally, I find it rather annoying.

(PS: I suck at writing these posts so it's all jumbled up. It's too short I'm sure but this is just my view on the matter)

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Chances are if the person is watching the anime over manga they either:

  1. Don't care about reading manga.
  2. Didn't know one existed.
  3. Or you know... They just like watching anime!

Personally I fit into number 1 and 3. Manga is expensive for me. Reading it online just gives me a headache and I can't sit still long enough to read more than a one shot or 2. So obviously watching anime is much more preferred in my case. Anime over Manga for me~ I always know manga exist for my favourite series but generally I can't be bothered with them. The only time I'm ever interested in picking up a manga is after I've watched the anime and liked it A LOT or there is no anime of the manga I've gotten interested in. Oh, there's also those "rare" anime that just "end" which I enjoyed a lot and since I'm aware that those have manga which keep on going with the story *looks at Kare Kano, Berserk, and Claymore* I'll want to read those at some point. Those rare cases are the only time I will even give a Manga over Anime person the time of day when it comes to pushing manga.

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So why do people bother telling someone else that the manga is so much better? My answer to this is simple. They liked the series in question a tonne! It just happens to be one of their all time favourites and they just can't imagine anyone hating their favourites! I'm totally ok with people humping their favourites... But... What really ticks me off is when these people suddenly think it's ok to say the manga is sooo much better when you aren't even enjoying the anime. What makes them think if they tell this to someone that they will even want to give the series more of a chance by having to reading it. Does it really deserve that? No. Only if the person was on the fence of LIKE or GREAT could this possibly work. I think it's pretty rare to go to liking something when you were already finding it quite meh.

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So yeah I'll always be an Anime over Manga person. I love you Manga over Anime people but you won't ever convert me so give it up! 😛 By the way, magical girl anime will ALWAYS be better than their manga! Why? What's better than watching a transformation sequence? Certainly not reading it! 😀

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4 Responses to “Telling A Person Watching THE Anime That the Manga is Better”
  1. Alterego 9 says:

    There are also three other appropriate causes for recommending the manga, that you didn’t mention:

    1. Recommending it to someone who had only one specific problem with the anime, and the manga solves that:
    – “I apprecciated the sense of humor in Thermae Romae, but that animation was really cheap”
    – “Follow the original manga instead! It’s a frame-by frame adaptation, but the original drawings had a much more seriously detailed art style!”

    2. Recommending it to someone who still didn’t watch either of it:
    – “Hey, guys, is Bakuman worth watching?”
    – “Its a good story, but most people say that the manga was better executed, so I would start with that if I were you.
    (I usually prefer anime over manga, but after a recommendation like that, I usally try the manga instead)

    3. Explaining that the anime sucked ass, and the fans of the story hate it as well:
    – “Umineko no naku koro ni is a horrible nonsensical anime! Why would anyone like it?”
    – “Oh, no, my avatar is from the original Visual Novel. It was actually a pretty good mystery, the anime that you think of as “Umineko” is just a stupid side project that ended badly.”
    (this is not to convince anyone to read the original, just to explain that you don’t actually have bad taste, as it looks like”)

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  2. Canne says:

    This is similar to the eternal conflict between book and movie lovers.

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  3. chii says:

    @Alterego 9
    point 1 i agree with kinda i guess. similar to my “i like this so i want to read it” point
    point 2 that’s a recommendation to someone that’s just looking for something to “watch” telling them to read the manga when they are looking to watch something is just… uhhg. >.< i personally hate getting that answer when i say "i wanna watch this! thoughts?" point 3 is just funny XD @Canne yup same thing. and i hate those debates too XD

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  4. fathomlessblue says:

    Yeah, I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said. Also, two of the biggest reasons I personally don’t read much manga is a); I find it harder to search out recommended titles that seem interesting, or gage whether I’ll enjoy them as quickly as I can with anime, & b); reading manga consumes too much of my already limited time. I’ve always found anime easier to digest in small chunks.

    Also, it’s funny that your first screencap is from NGE, as that & Akira are pretty much the only franchises I’ve actually preferred in manga format. ^^

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