Gakkatsu 04

Gakkatsu 04

What do you call your mother?

Personally I call my mother "Mommy". My father is "Daddy". The bf uses mom and dad. Sometimes when he's being "cute" he'll use mother or father but that's in a teasing kind of way for some reason. I guess kinda how a mother would call her son "Dave" but when she's being serious she'll say "David" to really get her point across. That's in my experience anyway. I'm not sure why calling to a parent would be considered strange when you are a growing teenager like this episode suggests but I'll pass this off as being a difference of cultures or something.





Hilariously enough this episode starts off with a subject that I'm pretty interested in and really wish they discussed instead of that stupid mother stuff.

Vandalism is shocking!!!

When I was younger I didn't give a crap about vandalism honestly. It was just another thing you saw while living in a city. Now that I'm older and live in a different city (one way smaller than where I grew up) I can't stand seeing vandalism and I notice it EVERYWHERE. It's not the fact that they are causing trouble or getting even with "the man" it's more that it's UGLY to my eye. I can't stand walking past some of our buildings that have ugly blue paint splattered all over them just to cause shit. It honestly makes me really angry and sad. I feel sorry for small shop owners that get vandalized. They don't deserve it so why? Damn kids! *shakes her little fist*

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