Gakkatsu 05

Gakkatsu 05

Today, I have a sad announcement to make.

Transfer students leaving could be sad I suppose. I've never personally had that experience since I didn't really go to any schools that would attract those kind of students. Maybe in my high school but I didn't get too close to people there anyway. In my elementary school I remember being friends with some Russian girl and she ended up leaving due to her being the daughter of the Russian Embassy dude. I honestly don't remember too much about how I felt about it back then though...

Red diamonds!

Fancy castle with a fancy outfit.







The prince Ngvangida is going back home. He speaks of how everyone has been so nice to him. But he still has his rich ways coming through since he thinks everyone lives in small houses and dresses poorly. Culture differences and class differences are always quite interesting to me. How each view the other can be quite amusing.

Mr. Newscaster brings bad news.

Castle for sale!







As it turns out at the end of the episode Ngvangida will be staying in Japan since his family has fled his country. Their pink diamonds have apparently run dry and the family is in ruin... Crappy episode is crappy... What was the debate again?!

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