Sai Mecha 2012 - Earth Side Round 1

Sai Mecha 2012 – Earth Side Round 1

So yes Sai Mecha is back again this year! Last year was a lot of fun (Thanks to ExecutiveOtaku!) so this year I've decided to talk a little about each round and the mecha I'll be voting for. First up we have Earth Side Round 1.

Gurren Lagann vs Arbalest













So the Arbalest gets my vote here because I just don't like the looks of the Gurren Lagann at all. I also really like mecha that have a serious look to them and not just flashy colours that make you want to puke. The Gurren Lagann is also really creepy to me because it has a face on it's chest...

Big O vs Gundam Exia










I love, love the Big O but I love, love, LOVE the Gundam Exia more. The Big O is huge and clunky yet somehow it can run really fast to pack a serious punch, which is pretty awesome. The Exia is piloted by Setsuna whom I love so well yeah... My vote goes to the Gundam.

Ingram vs RahXephon













While the RahXephon is very cool since it has those awesome wings on it's head and it can sing my vote can't go against one of my first mecha loves being that of Patlabor. The Ingram is another one of those serious looking mecha that I just love. Also the RahXephon is a tad creepy with that face on it's chest just like the Gurren Lagann.

Takemikazuchi vs Zeta Gundam











Seriously? No contest the Zeta gets my vote. The Takemikazuchi is cool and all I suppose but I simply can't go against Gundam here.

Shin Getter Robo vs Zeorymer








Uhhh well I've never actually any Shin Getter Robo. Well that's not true. I've seen bits of first Getter Robo but unlike Mazinger Z it just held no interest for me so I didn't continue with the series (someday I might pick it back up). Hades Project Zeorymer I have seen though and really enjoyed. I'm amazed that it's even in this tourney since it's not a super well known ova. Just for that it gets my vote.

Nirvash vs Dai Guard










This pairing is probably the one I care the least about. I've not seen any Dai Guard and I didn't care for the mecha designs from Eureka Seven at all even though they were pretty entertaining. So by default Nirvash will get my vote simply for surfing in the air like a boss.

Mazinger Z vs VF-25









WHY????? Hardest match up for me yet but I must go with my Macross love and vote for the VF-25. It's a sexy beast. I'm sorry Mazinger Z... 🙁

Delphine vs Mazinkaiser SKL








Another painfully difficult battle for me. Both mecha are completely bad ass and I love them to bits. I fell in love with both series last year as well. If I was judging on pure awesomeness Mazinkaiser SKL would win hands down. But looks wise and functionality awesomeness goes to the Delphine for sure. Who ever wins in this match I'll be happy with so I'll be looking forward to who pulls through.

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5 Responses to “Sai Mecha 2012 – Earth Side Round 1”
  1. draggle says:

    You love Setsuna F. Seiei?!!! I don’t even know you anymore!!!

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  2. 1. you are dead to me
    2. ok, you’re a zombie
    3. but sometimes I hate zombies, fuck zombies
    4. okay, you’re getting revived
    5. ok, definite signs of life
    6. SHE’S ALIVE
    8. …

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  3. chii says:

    @draggle I can’t help it! He’s YUMMY!

    I’m glad I was resurrected ghosty! XD

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  4. draggle says:

    Oh ok, if you’re planning to eat him and not leave any leftovers I can forgive you

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  5. chii says:

    well i can eat him as many times are you wish he’ll just keep coming back again and again and again!

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