Gakkatsu 06

Gakkatsu 06

What did you write as your dreams for the future?

Some people have awesome silly dreams. Some have normal dreams. Some are big dreamers while others are more realistic dreamers. I can't honestly remember what I wrote on any of those kind of papers in school. I'm sure it was a marine biologist like every single other little girl who just happened to really like dolphins. I do know at one point I wanted to work at NASA... lol... What did you want to be when you were a child?

Then suddenly...

Let's talk about sunfish!

For some reason we dive into sunfish facts... And there's a huge one swimming for America... But somehow this all ties into the "Dream Big" concept I'm sure.

Sunfish headed for the U.S.A...

Sunfish headed for the moon or the sun you decide.







 There was a time where people wanted to go to America to make their dreams come true. This might still be the case honestly but I'm not sure and I'm too lazy to look into it further. There is this cute ad on TV though that has some lady singing about "dreams" and "making them come true" and at the end it just says America or something. So maybe America still is considered the place to make your silly big dreams come true!


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