Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 18

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 18

The adventures of SUPER Poyo return!

But first it's time for a catnap!

Skittish cat is skittish!

And bounces her way right up a tree.








Moe still finds Eri completely MOE! KYAAAA

An adorable white cat named Eri appears at the farm one day. She's a skittish little princess. My fat blob of a cat is skittish just like her but in the form of Poyo. Instead of hopping away from humans coming closer to him like Eri does, WHICH IS SO FREAKING ADORABLE HILARIOUS, mine just runs away like a fat blob. Perhaps more like a raccoon wobbling away from the garbage bins once it's had it's way with them but you get the idea.









However my cat hasn't ever gotten so scared that he has climbed a tree and needed help getting out of it. I've honestly never even seen a cat get stuck in a tree. I think it might be one of those silly things people say cats do. Like kittens in a box on the road side. That doesn't happen in real life! Anywho Poyopoyo to the rescue yet again!


Her hero~








After Poyo rescues Eri from that fall she almost takes, she is completely smitten with him. Instead of cat slaps she's now handing out cat kisses. Only for Poyo though! The poor jealous Kurobe finds this out the hard way.

Poyo is MINE now bitch!

Kurobe is in cat shock.








Moe now is worried that she has adopted yet another cat. Eri won't leave Poyo's side and they chill out together on a cat pillow. Poyo doesn't seem to care too much and just accepts this new fate. He does seem a little concerned though...

The sweat drops say it all.

Much to the happiness of Poyo and Moe a man wanders by yelling out Eri's name. Her owner has come looking for her but she isn't sure if she wants to leave her hero Poyo. Poyo insists that she go to her master! He's probably really lonely without her. I know I miss my cat after a few days of not seeing him and having one that has run away is even worse! I hope we get to see more of cute little princess Eri-chan soon. I'm not so sure if Poyo agrees though.

Eri, Eri, GO, there's someone outside for you!

Poyo seems happy Eri is going home 😛

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