Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 19

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 19

When round things roll by children generally follow.

Or it could be just a Poyopoyo!








Poyo and Kurobe are off doing their cat stuff with Moe but this leads them to a construction zone! Their favourite chill out spot has been bought by someone and house construction is taking place! So Father tells them later. Moe is sad that Poyo and Kurobe have lost their hangout spot. Poyo acts sad in front of Moe but it's obvious he's gonna be one cool cat and still hang out there.

Meow party!

Poyo and Kurobe think nothing of this change and still go. All the other cats are hanging out there too after all! It's quite the meow party with all those cats hanging out together.

Love those holy shit eyes on Poyo!

Oh yay, Hide to the rescue!







I'd take some pictures first too honestly XD

Since this is a construction site there are bound to be dangers about. Poor Poyo ends up getting stuck in some quick drying cement trying to go and check out Kurobe and his awesome fish snack. Kurobe freaks the fuck out and luckily for him Hide was just around the corner. Kurobe manages to get Hide to follow him because of his frantic meowing and Poyo's. Hide instantly takes out his phone to call Father but takes some hilarious pictures first.

Not Hide to the rescue! Father to the rescue!!!

Poyo removal complete.








Father rushes in to save Poyo and leaves Hide to fix the hole they just made. After some time with the vet Poyo is FREE and...

Unamused cat is unamused! XD

Poyo gets to sport a hilarious new hair cut. It's like a buzz cut but reversed since his ass was the part that was stuck in the cement! Shaved pets are completely hilarious to me. Our girl cat last year needed to have surgery so she had her belly and one back leg shaved. She looked like a little chicken it was so funny! I think it's funny when dogs go in to get hair cuts for the summer too. Especially little ones that get really close shaves. Something about seeing these animals with less fur than normal is just hilarious.

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