Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 20

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 20

Father worrying about Moe is.... MOE!

He doesn't have to worry about Moe going to meet boys or anything though. She loves animals so much she has a huge network of friends that lets her know about awesome things like KITTENS and other awesome animals around the town! I bet once a cute young vet comes into the picture she'll find love! It's a perfect match for her. Only then is when poor father should start worrying about her! haha

Moe wondered off to see kittens with 2 coloured eyes like their mommy.










Moe has my face while imagining potential Poyo kittens. Holy freaking shit CUTE!!!

Moe's adventure out to see the 2 coloured eyed kittens leads her down the thoughts that maybe Poyo should mate! After all he'd probably be the best daddy cat of all and his kittens would be the cutest little round ball of kittens EVER. If those pictures above don't convince you of that I dunno what to tell ya. Holy crap it's cute overload. Little Poyo kittens in the palm of your HAND! I think I'm cumming just thinking about it...

Tsuchinoko are around BEWARE!!!

Hide does some Poyo math to calm Moe's worry.








Soft and squishy. So not snake like at all!

I dunno how this lady has survived all this time.








The neighbors from episode 14 appear once more randomly bringing back the fact that Poyo looks like the mythical fat snake Tsuchinoko. This time Moe is in a panic about it since she overheard the woman talking about it. Hide is excited that Poyo might get to fight such a beast and hopes he can look at it before Poyo does indeed kick its ass. While staring off into the yard, Hide watches Poyo walk by in the long grass. He suddenly realizes that Poyo is the Tsuchinoko! Much to his disappointment he assures Moe that Tsuchinoko doesn't exist but then he starts to write a story about the fabled beast with a Poyo twist of course. I kind of want him to finish that story so I can read it. It looks like it would fit in very nicely with that Folktales from Japan shows airing at the moment that more people should probably be watching!

So Hide starts up his Poyo fan fiction writing

Poyo fanfict I can get behind! <3

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