366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 200/366 Blood-C

366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 200/366 Blood-C

Day 200/366

Blood-C is... oh look! More Saya and her adventures...........

I think these are one of the worst uniforms in all of anime. Unless you are going to a school that teaches you how to resurrect zombies and other spooky things. The red and black colour scheme should probably be avoided. Chains too... Nothing says cult school like chains! I think goth kids would be saddened that all these "innocent" kids are wearing clothing similar to what they wear. Although maybe not since they do like the all black a little more.

I will say that I do like the skirt. Only as a stand alone item though. That jacket looks like something you'd see in a really old vampire movie. The girl ones that is. The boy ones aren't so bad but the chain is what throws everything off and makes it all look ridiculous! I find it interesting that both genders wear ties but there's something off about them that I'll chalk up to the colour scheme again. I like that the girls have short fat ties where the boys have normal length ones though. That's a nice touch I guess.


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2 Responses to “366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 200/366 Blood-C”
  1. SStefania says:

    Well, they lampshaded stupid look of these uniforms in one of tle last episodes, and I laughed at them since the first one, so… I kinda waited for you to bash them 🙂
    I actually like how these sets look and would wear them, just not for school nor work, goodness.

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  2. Women wearing ties. That sh*t is HAWT!

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