366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 211/366 Futakoi

366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 211/366 Futakoi

Day 211/366


There are 6 uniforms in the picture above! Too bad none are extraordinary in anyway. All have a black and white theme to them except the young girl ones which are red and white. I think those red and white ones are the cutest of the bunch. I really love that white skirt with the red trim around the bottom! As you can see some of them have a tan shirt they can wear. The ones with the tan shirt right up front also have a matching tan jacket. I'm not too fond of their uniform at all. The other tan ones in the back kinda make me cringe because they are long sleeved but the skirt is long. Somehow it just doesn't look good. The black shirts in the front are icky because of their poofy shoulders. Very rarely does poofiness work for me. Aside from the red uniforms the very plain black and white ones on the girls in the very back I guess would be my second favourite. Kinda hard to hate those ones honestly. There's nothing offensive about them... They are just... Plain...

Overall: I'll pass on em all honestly.

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