Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 21

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 21


So Heavy~

Round Cat is Round!







What pet owners say to their pets:

"You're so cute"

"You're so heavy"

"You're so round"

I totally say all this to my cat and more of course. Another one I'll add in is "Look at all those cat feet". A friend visited back in January and saids those exact words when he saw my cats feet and the bf immediately thought we were conspiring together to say silly things about the cat feet. Now he knows it isn't just me that observes just how awesome cat feet are! XD

Habits of pet owners:

Except mine isn't under the covers... He's on my FEET!

Waking up and looking to see if your pet is on the bed with you. This one the bf does way more than I do since I generally know if he's on the bed with us since he's normally on my feet!

Not buying poisonous plants is pretty important too.

Buying plants that the cat can eat. We don't do this one because I don't like it when my cat destroys a plant I wish to keep in the house to be pretty. Instead we'll buy him some cat grass seeds and plant those for him to munch on if he desires to do so. But only in the winter because during the rest of the year he can go outside whenever he wants and there be lots of grass out there for nomnoms.

I turn the page pretending to ignore the kitty on the other side too XD

Happy when the cat gets in the way of reading the paper. I don't know know many people that actually like this. But I do know everyone does think it is cute. I think it's way cuter when ours tries to get on some paper that he THINKS we are using but aren't. He's all like "hehehe I'll show them". But then we are like "Silly cat I'm not using that! " He still gets pats so I'm sure it's a win for him anyway.


You show off your wounds caused by your pet. I DID THIS TODAY!


Ummmm Dad... -.- Even Poyo is shocked!








Calling your pet your child's name or other family member. Now I've started doing this a lot more since our lady cat has passed away. It doesn't help that my boy cats name and the bf's name both end in a Y. So yeah I call the cat the bf's name or vice versa sometimes XD

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