366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 244/366 Towa no Quon

Day 244/366

Towa no Quon is hardly about school kids but we do see one!

Grey and simple. Like that it has a long skirt paired up with the thin bow tie.

Overall: Like it but pass.

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Naa not really. 😛

Seemingly I got tagged in not one but 2 posts of this Anime Blogger Interrogation Game thingy (that I saw anyway! LOL) that has been going around the sphere for a bit now. I haven't bothered to read many of these posts honestly since I'm lame like that, but Digibro ended up writing about it and since I read everything he posts up on the internet (lol) I noticed that another person, Canne tagged me as well.

Gees... is chii that "popular" to be tagged by 2 people!? Nope not really!!! I just like to think of it as friends online still think of me when it comes to anime blogging even if they don't read my blog. <3 <3

Spike Spiegel for Canne

I'll start off with answering Canne's questions ^__^

1. If you could work in a production of one anime series, what job would you choose to do (e.g. screenwriter, director, character design, seiyu) and why?

Answer: I'd be the person that writes characters and writes dialogue. So writer I guess! I've found that over the years of writing short stories that I love blabbering on and on about my characters past and writing conversations. I think I'd be pretty good at voice acting too honestly. I can make some strange ass noises but I can't sing for shit so who knows.

2. If you could possess one superpower based on basic element (Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Wood and Metal), which element would you prefer and why?

Answer: Way to really make me think here... All have their perks... I guess I'd choose Air though. Boring but being able to float or fly around would be awesome. The real superpower I want is psychic powers though. Being able to read minds and move stuff around with my mind is just pure awesomeness to me.

3. Which anime movie you wish you had seen in theater and why?

Answer: I've seen a few anime movies in the theatre before. Princess Mononoke comes to mind right away. I'd have to really REALLY think about the others I've seen. Most anime movies for me I wouldn't really care to see in a theatre honestly. I like going to the movies to see big action flicks. So I guess a movie like Redline would have been nice to see on the big screen. Seeing the 2 Macross Frontier movies probably would have kicked ass when I think about it a little more. My tv in the basement is totally good enough though.

4. Sunny day, cloudy day and rainy day. Which one do you prefer? (And do you know which anime did this question come from?)

Answer: *snorts* weather pffffft weather makes me hurt so it is hard to have a "favourite" I guess I'll choose cloudy since the sun is very bright/hot which pisses me off and rain makes me extra hurty (even though I do like rain). (rank 7 for your favourite ghibli)

5. In anime, when a bunch of students gather together, they usually tell ghost stories. Now, please share with us your ghost/supernatural story (that happened to you or someone you knew)!

Answer: I'm just going to leave this picture of a spoOoOoky ghost here. I suck at telling stories and I can't think of any.

Yes ghosts like to boogie down!

Ponies for Digibro

And now for Digibro's questions ^__^

1. Right now, how connected do you feel with the anime blogosphere? Do you feel like you are a part of the community, or an outlier? Do you feel relevant?

Answer: I've always felt like an outsider. In everything I've ever done I've felt like this. It's just the way I am I guess and people either accept that or move on. I don't really feel relevant but I've never really cared enough to try and feel that way either. I just do what I do and if people like it awesome, if not... oh well.

2. The era of blogs may be coming to an end. New social media services are coming which will combine the best functions of services like blogs, tumblr, twitter, and reddit. What would be the ideal form of social media service to you? Do you like the current model of blogs, twitter, and tumblr, or are you super excited to ditch that noise?

Answer: reddit and tumblr are the last places I'd ever want to go for reading up on how people are feeling about anything or mingling in general... I like twitter because I can just spam the shit out of it and if someone cares they'll talk back to me. Although I'm not sure what these new social media services you are even speaking of... I suck at the internet it seems.

3. With the exception, perhaps, of SummerS, we’ve all been watching anime on a weekly basis for years on end now. All of us have probably found a certain groove (like mine of watching fucking nothing). Are you satisfied with the way you watch anime now? If you had a different lifestyle, would you change the way that you watch anime, or is the way you watch more based around what shows are on the air? (To rephrase: do you wish you could watch more shows? Do you think you’re already watching too many? Etc.)

Answer: Well we all know I have nothing to do but watch anime.... Sometimes I wish this wasn't the case but if anime wasn't around I'd just pour myself into something else so I don't really think I've been watching that much lately since I've been splitting up my hobbies more. I'm not watching everything currently airing which I normally do. But this year I've decided to take a step back from that and just marathon the shows when they are finished airing. I kinda like doing it this way but it takes me away from a lot of people at the same time that do keep up with all the current stuff.

I more wish that I didn't make myself sit through these crappy shows I know I'm going to dislike... I have this problem with anime though... I love it so much I'm willing to watch ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. A real life show I'll drop in a heartbeat if I'm not liking it but anime... MUST CONSUME IT ALL...

4. Getting into the really important question: what would you like to see from me in the future? All five of you are long-time readers of my blog, and some of you have read me very consistently. Chii, for instance, reads just about everything I put out, and Schneider has read a lot of my fiction and non-blog work which I haven’t even shown anyone besides him. All of you must enjoy something about my writing, or enjoyed something about it in the past. This isn’t me asking for advice on how to be a better writer: I’m asking, what do YOU want to see me write about? What, if I posted it, would make you really glad to see me writing something like that?

Answer: Like I said in the comments of your post I'd love you to finish Lain. Otherwise you know... everything you do is just awesome to me. <3 Maybe more list posts. I love list posts XD

5. What has got you by the balls right now, in life? It doesn’t have to be anime. For instance, I know that while ghosty is still watching and blogging anime, he’s putting more energy into playing Mass Effect as Jerrid Messa and probably rebuilding his house after the recent flood. Much in the way that video games are currently the major driving force of my energy right now, what is the major driving force of yours?

Answer: Summer has always been an interesting time for me. I hate the heat but everyone else loves it so they are more willing to travel to see me when it's nice out instead of winter when it is complete shit for travel. We just had a good 2 solid weeks of friend visits. It takes a lot out of me but it's really nice at the same time seeing everyone when we rarely get to. (we live far away from everyone) We plan on doing a bit of travelling ourselves in September. I'm looking forward to it since I really do like travelling but my body doesn't agree with it at all so I try not to do it too much.

My ever on going health battle consumes pretty much every aspect of my life. It has even set into my gaming and anime time which I used to use to escape from my health issues >.< I've developed wrist issues late last year along with all my other problems which makes it double impossible to type for any length without my arm going numb or worse. Highly annoying for a blogger to have happening... So that's kinda why I've not been doing as many posts (lolol) as I would like to be doing. It also makes me choose. Do I want to type or play video games. Because gaming can hurt just as much as the typing does (especially when I all I want to do is sit there for hours and play but can't) but if I had to choose one to make me suffer it's almost always going to be gaming.

ATM my gaming consists of Dynasty Warriors 7, SSX, Mortal Kombat, and a lot of RPG's. I'm almost done FFIV so I'm eager to try and choose the next one. Star Ocean will probably be the one. These are what make me happy for the time being. Anime not so much even though I still watch anime everyday. Video game suggestions are highly welcome.

I dunno how they made him even hotter than normal but holy smokes~

Now apparently I'm suppose to ask 5 more questions, answer those question, and send it off to 5 more people... That seems like a lot of work... And I just did a lot of work writing this post... So instead I'm just going to ask those 5 questions BUT anyone can answer them! On your blog or in a comment I don't care! Lets see just how many people will even read this and care enough to comment XD

1. Which of my blogging projects would you like to see me consistently post about more often? If none is there a blog project you would like to see me pick up? Or can you suggest me an anime. ANYTHING. And maybe you'll see a review of it on here!

2. If you could have any mecha from any anime which one would it be and what would you use it for?

3. What is the best show that you haven't watched yet?

4. People need to advance further in the universe. Do you wish to go into SPACE or under the sea?

5. What is the worst thing to have happened in your favourite anime for you?

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 243/366 Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Day 243/366

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei sometimes teachers can be interesting even when they are crazy.

Plain and simple sailor uniforms for all except the transfer student who gets to wear a red plaid skirt. There's just something about how these uniforms are drawn that makes them stand out among all the other sailor suits. What little we see of the boys in this show they get to sport their typical all black. These however don't stand out at all unlike the girl uniforms.

Overall: Hells yes.

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Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 31


Ah summer. I only like summer for all the good food we can grow because we get to have a veggie garden! Instead of munching on cucumbers like Moe I go for the cherry tomatoes~ Nothing makes me happier than good food and drink! Something Poyo totally agrees with since he does a happy dance when Moe gives him some fish scraps.

Melon Poyo

Poyo's happy food dance








Summer is too hot...

Summer has too many bugs...

Summer has too many mice...

Summer has too many SNAKES!

But at least with creepy critters a cat comes in handy. I'm ok with cats catching these critters but please don't eat it... If kitty is gonna eat it... DON'T EAT IT IN FRONT OF ME! Before we put our air conditioner in the window for the summer our cat had this terrible habit of catching mice and bringing them to the window, wanting to come in with it of course. I'd never open it for him when he had one so instead he'd just sit there with it, play with it till he was bored, and then eat it... Soooooo gross.

Poyo to the rescue!

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366 Days of Anime School Uniforms: Day 242/366 Song of Wind and Trees

Day 242/366

Song of Wind and Trees being a young boy is tough.

These uniforms make me think of the typical pretty little rich kid all boys school. Nothing flashy but the thin bow tie yet it all looks super fancy at the same time.

Overall: Pass.

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