Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 25

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki 25

Oh shiii better start cleaning!

It's funny how we never realize how messy things are in our homes until we start tripping over all our crap. Poyo helped encourage Moe to go through all her stuff sooner rather than later (because people love to put these kind of things off) by knocking over some books almost crushing him! Reminds me of cleaning out the attic a few months ago. We couldn't find anything we were ever looking for up there so we knew it was time to try and sort through all that stuff. Took a few days but we threw out a lot of stuff. Now we just have to actually sort it more but it's way too hot up there during the summer to even bother so we'll leave that till the fall to finish it off.

Nice and tidy!

Hide is getting there. Cleaning is hard work!








Children leading by example.

Sometimes it's hard getting rid of your stuff.

Seeing what a great job Moe was doing everyone in the household decided to get rid of the stuff they don't need. My biggest issue with this episode is that they just put all their stuff out to garbage. A lot of that stuff they got rid of was useful and should have been donated! But at least they didn't throw Poyo out too... Although he did end up in the pile!

Hiyaaaaa Help Poyo don't throw him away!

Moe brings up a wonderful point about Poyo while she was sorting through her stuff. He's a cat and has nothing! As people we are brainwashed to consume products that we don't really need but instead want. Our human lives have turned into a world of wants instead of needs really. In first world countries anyway. I know I have a few things that are totally useless (not as much as the bf has though) 😛


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    HEY! All my stuff is pure awesome!

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